Candle maker profession

A candle maker could be useful and interesting, using beeswax and twine found when foraging the insects category. They could also be a bee keeper producing their wax so they have more to do than just making candles. Candle making tho has a few stages that require a few different ingredients and tools/stations. Also, blacksmith could make lanterns that require candles, so the candlemaker buys the lanterns and put candles in them, producing a wearable/rezable lantern to use or sell.

I would definitely be interested in this!

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Interesting concept.

I definitely have a beehive with honey and wax already in my mind for a future release. I would have put beehives under the farmer (if they are man-made beehives) and allowed them to collect honey and wax.

Wouldn’t think it would need a whole profession though. As candles aren’t going to be a commonly used rezzable item to produce light on a sim or an avatar. We could add the crafting station for making candles and lanterns in multiple steps, that’s not an issue and I can add that to our project plan - just not sure it’s worthy of a whole profession based on candle making (it could stay with the farmer roll).

Or like I’ve discussed in the past for the menial tasks such as basket making, pottery we would split off the farmer class and create a peasant for those mundane tasks to include the candle making. The farmer would have all the fields and animals and such to continue tending to.

It’s something we want to do and are still open to community input. There have been a lot more things added to the farmer since this discussion and we are sure the CXP generation by pulling a couple of the jobs from the farmer to create this peasant class will work out perfect.

Let us know what you think.

Just pointing out that CXP is gained from gathering Vineyards and Herb Gardens now.

They kind of are “crafting stations” from a mechanics perspective. From a RP perspective they are gathering of course.

Something that I have noticed that may fit with this discussion. It may or may not be feasible/practical, just an idea.

Maybe adding more of the small menial tasks into their own professions may be a good idea.

The woodsman, the basket weaver, the candlemaker, fisherman etc…

Most of us are very interested in doing everything the system has to offer.

I’ve noticed though there is a very significant amount of people who I know that think Colonies its a good concept, but its too involved for their play time for the main professions. Having smaller profession with a focus on a few simple gathering and crafting tasks is perfect to allow them to still take part in the community, but not command all of their attention.

I see these roles much like the smelter. Who their only task is to take ore and smelt into ingots.

While everyone can do these tasks of course, by giving it its own small role it might hook some of the more casual players.

Take a fisherman for example. They could have a higher percentage chance to catch fish and maybe can target a species and craft filets. That would be it. Maybe gain 5xp per catch or something.

Maybe a forager who can better target compass items and gain more xp and compass gathering is their only interaction with colonies.

I’m just throwing ideas.

Those kinds of professions might even be perfect for your mobile app that you wanted to develop later on.

You could easily log on harvest some fish and make some filets without having to log onto SL and use a crafting station.

Maybe its not worth it to do this, but I have friends who I think would be more likely to get involved if some of the tasks were much simpler and direct for them.

One of my friends does the smelting and its perfect for him. He just logs on every once in awhile makes ingots and still has something to contribute.


Splitting some of the tasks from the farmer to a generic colonist role is a good idea, and adding some gathering/compass tasks to that makes sense as well. It would work especially well for new players who are getting to know the system, as it provides a way to make a few coins and earn some CXP. It would also lighten the load for cooks and herbalists if someone were willing to do the foraging.

I just don’t see combining existing roles any further than they are. As it stands, the woodsman definitely spends a great deal of time gathering and cutting; it isn’t a small role. I think combining it with some other role might be a bad idea, as would adding tasks to that role. It could have a pretty major impact on the availability of all sorts of goods (ALL of the tools except the shears require wood, as do barrels and some weapons). While the smelter’s tasks that earn CXP are limited, the hours spent mining and smelting can be pretty significant–and again, the impact on the market by adding to it or adding it to an existing role could be catastrophic, since metals are required for most tools.

Overall I think the roles are mostly pretty balanced right now, but of course, this shifts from time to time as new features are added to the game. I think it’s worth it to revisit the topic now and then from that aspect.

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I like the idea of a peasant class, sounds good, not everyone needs to be in a profession in a colony. All the small jobs like baskets, seed bags, reeds, clay, candles etc. done by the people who don’t want a full profession, but still help the community. I may be repeating things others have said but, just saying, I like this.

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