Farmers splitting into a Peasant class?

And for the farmer. We could look into creating “Peasant” which takes on baskets, pottery and those other mundane tasks that a farmer doesnt truly fit into, to split up some of that cxp earning sway from the farmer which is currently earning huge amounts.

We would leave farmer with fields and the flour mill for cxp which is plenty.

Not open to the idea of earning cxp from gathering things. CXP is crafting experience not gathering experience.

The problem with only getting cxp from fields is that they take a long time to grow so there will be days without anything to do except make mill products, but that doesn’t take long and I generally save my produce for cooking instead of milling. I think it’s nice to have something to do during the week while for cxp while you are waiting for the harvest (mainly thinking of people who are online a lot)

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Oh you’d still be able to “do” things. If you already know a recipe it’s saved to your recipe book.

You just wont get cxp for doing that task if we did that.

well, i make my baskets for cxp that i then use to buy seeds to plant in the fields. i would rather not lose that ability.

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“We would leave farmer with fields and the flour mill for cxp which is plenty.”

I do not agree with this line at all.

(I am not a farmer - I am a carpenter)

Farmers are the biggest users of baskets. Fields will only give cxp once in 7 days and very little.

Forcing farmer to the flour mill will force then only to plant seeds that can be used in the flour mill

Without baskets and jars you will drastically have to increase cxp for planting, harvesting etc


Yeah thats what I was thiking. This discussion is a split from an original one at The role of the Woodsman & Carpenters - #14 by temujincalidius

Have a read of that and let me know what you think?

We would essentially increase cxp and seeds earn from fields and add cxp from the slaughtering of animals over to the farmers in return. And make a generic craft position for the baskets, pottery and so forth which are more the miscellaneous type crafting stations.


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definitely NO!! the farmer is good as it is, it is balanced and you have to consider the fields go 7days. in the meantime the farmer can make baskets and pots or do what comes up. please do not start to dismantle classes but remove unnecessary classes. please consider that it is a game in which everyone should have fun and does not require 24/7 presence.


This feature will not be implemented.

Closing topic.

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I personally think it is a great idea, one peasants are part of the community role, in old worlds.
secondly the CXP is insane for the farmers. And seems difficult to other traders. On downtime when waiting for the fields the farmers can always go gather berries, fruits and such. There is still plenty to do.


I am not sure it is necessary to split it into a separate profession or not. Recently I have considered hiring a full-time gatherer. Or a basket weaver that collects reed and then a potter that collects mud. Perhaps if you do think you want to divide things up, there could be a basket weaver profession and a potter profession. Another idea would to make an Artist profession that would get the cxp from basket station and the potter station and would allow room for an expansion for making other forms of art (drawing, painting, flower arranging, decorative items, and/or glass making). About the farmer CXP the bulk of it for me on my farmer alt mainly comes from breeding. That is why my farmer gained levels so fast.

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For me personally when I get to building the slc and Counter Earth RPG, I dont think splitting the profession officially would be needed.

Ill have roles for farmers and have roles for peasants. I can give titles and jobs through the colony system which is what players in the rpg would stick by.

Perhaps the default colonist role could be expanded to just be the only profession that can earn cxp doing those tasks?

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I think this is a good idea now. We’ve gone from one extreme to the other on farming cxp, so moving the cxp for baskets and pottery to the colonist role seems like a good idea.

The problem is that without it, it will take farmers a long time to level up to level 2, where the major cxp happens. But once they get to level 2, they are collecting tons of cxp because they can breed animals and get cxp from fields. But they’re the only ones who can make large quantities of baskets, and if it’s a large farm like Crimson, they go through a LOT of harvest bags, so again, a lot of cxp.

It’s a bit unbalanced in the player’s favor, as much as I hate to point it out (especially with the noise I made about it previously!). On the other hand, they do have to buy seeds with their cxp…So yeah, it’s a tough call.


I think and agree a peasant/colonist profession/class, perhaps could be someone who gains a CXP as a laborer, gathering reeds for baskets, clay for pots and jars, … maybe, if you want to get fancy, split CXP with farmers if they help harvesting fields…

To the point of Farmers loosing CXP to a possible Artisan profession, I think it could be counter balanced in the growing of bamboo/sugar cane for cane-polls for Fishers, and possibly also industrial/newspaper-parchment for the “News Stand” idea. (Here: Parchment purposed with News Stand?)

I imagine bamboo not to need seeding so long as you leave a section of the field un-harvested… can you do that? If not, than I imagine using a bamboo clipping – gained from harvesting a bamboo field-- to be used like a seed for planting?

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Rather than splitting up the farmer i much prefer to have jobs that is relatable to be merged. Such as Smelter with Smith, or Woodsmen with Carpenters. The splitting of what to do is something that should be discussed among the players themselves with their own people and RP.