Time for an Artisian Profession?

Perhaps an answer to these topics?

Also a split off from this topic:

So… If the News Stand is a cool enough idea, I think that parchment making, perhaps pottery, and baskets could easily fit as an Artisan profession… (I think a peasant profession/class, perhaps could be someone who gains a minimal CXP as a laborer, gathering reeds for baskets, clay for pots and jars, … maybe, if you want to get fancy, split CXP with farmers if they help harvesting fields…(copying this chunk to the proper thread))

So and Artisan Profession may make baskets, pots, jars, bags, parchments(?) and candles… ((idea plucked from this topic here: Candle maker profession - #5 by Lillith ))

Candles I think would be a fun pre-test to other “booby traps” in the way of making a fairly simple rezzible candle that could have been infused with a potion made by an Alchemist/Herbalist, or simply infused with flowers or toxic mushrooms and flowers… xD Get people drunk, sick, fatigued, etc… or for the good blends, relaxation in the way of a quick energy and fatigue boost/cure.

Candles being that thing that might take the longest to gather ingredients, especially if using wax from honey combs… but, might also tie in lard from the butchers…?

I love your ideas, @RemmyHun - please keep them going.

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