Parchment purposed with News Stand?

So, for this idea to really be easy enough for everyone, I imagine it’d require a type of parchment made from easily grown or gathered material so that the parchments can be reasonably priced for bulk purchase in batches of say… 25, 50, and 100 perhaps.

Parchment batched for the “loading” into a SLC News Stand, which would be a paper stand that requires X-amount of copper for 1 copy of the paper (1 to 5 copper I imagine,) which I think would be cool as a note-card giver. A SLC coin (or other coin) paid notecard giver, which requires the SLC (industrial)parchment to be “loaded” for the SLC coin purchasing and interloping of trades with a writing and reading hobby I think most of us share in…

In my mind, the industrial-parchment, as I’m calling it, would be a Farmer gain to help balance the making of an Artisan profession who’d take over pottery and parchment making?

(Time for an Artisian Profession?) <<<<<

Anyroad, I imagine these papers for news reports we can buy off one another, with SLC coin/local coin to tie in some summaries of RP and storytelling with the SLC game coin and crafting.

Anyone can buy the News Stand and request orders of the industrial-parchement/news-parchment and write up a corresponding notecard to “deposit” for the offerings.

On the notion of not writing/printing more than you think you can sell, I do imagine that any parchment put into the News Stand is for the Notecard that follows, or perhaps went in first. And if not all copies/parchments get purchased, you either have to take back as used… maybe the “used” news-paper-parchement could become an ingredient/catalyst to speed up the composting process?

I know there are dyes, but I didn’t think ink was something to add, when really the idea is just to add to the existing trades and economy while trading RP stories IC… mostly.

Anyroad, that’s it for this one for now.

farmers are already over powered, they don’t need more gain and parchment is one of the rangers main and most important products, with very few different tasks to do. rangers hunt to get meat and hides and turn those hides into leather and/or parchment.


Another idea for parchment…books and scrolls.

Books could utilize the new up-coming social feature - depending on the quality of the book, determined by a scribe’s skill (hmm, new profession?), a person could read through chapters, gaining small social boosts after each one (or after so many minutes of reading). The better quality the book, the more chapters it has for a max of, say, 10 in total? Top tier books would take longer to read, but as it is of higher quality, would give better boosts at the end of the chapter. Reading the book could (and should) definitely take some time, not just a…click-and-done type of thing. I suggest a shorter chaptered book taking a minimum of 10-15 minutes per chapter, whereas a longer book could take an hour or more. obviously like other crafting stations, we could pause our reading whenever we needed. Taking this further, we could actually make the books ‘readable,’ though I am unsure how complicated that might me? For example, while ‘reading’ every so often, part of the story comes across in local chat, visible only to the reader. so as not to cause irritation to those around the reader.

After the book is completely read, it would not disappear so another person could read it or display it (because I would like this to be a physical item that is wearable or rezzable)but it would no longer give stats, just the story.

Scrolls is another idea, and possibly a much simpler one? Similar to message in a bottle, Scrolls would be used purely for roleplay…sending messages to other colony leaders, perhaps storing family recipes, etc. Once the scroll is fabricated, the owner could rez and click to open a blue dialog box where they could input their desired words/info. Once written, as in RL when we write with ink on parchment, the scroll contents would become permanent - so choose your words carefully. They could remain with the owner or transferred at that point, and upon click, the contents of the scroll would be revealed in local, privately to the owner. Unlike the bottles, scrolls would not necessarily have to disappear - but for security purposes, could have an access list or just set to owner, so not everyone could see the contents.

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