Beeswax/honey comb candles & candle making station ideas!

This topic was briefly discussed here: (link) before the beehives made it to market. Since they’re on market now, and in beta use, AND there was the suggestion of pollination perks (linked here) I felt inclined to make a thread where ideas can be elaborated on pre-development…

If beehives were able to produce flower-specific honey and thus in a way also combs/wax, then candles such as, Orange Blossom Candle, Apple Blossom Candle, Blueberry Blossom Candle, as suggested in the pollination topic, they could be among the first and easiest candles to produce, for they only require the specific waxes/combs and the Candle Making Station.

  • Candles could be FATIGUE REDUCERS … original combs/waxes only would produce a base result ( the “standard candle” )which would be altered or added upon with the aid of other ingredients for making more complex candles. — light a candle near your work station, slow/reduce fatigue gain as you work? — light a candle near the bed you’re resting in and speed up the fatigue healing? etc

  • Healing Candles, I imagine could be candles infused with healing type potions, during the candle making process. I imagine these would follow the potion stats with whatever candle features and stats might be decided. Items like this may also lead to massage oils and rubs, all of which would be more to enhance written RP with the stats, than gaming with the stats (read more about Written RP vs Gaming RP here: link)

  • Candles could be tools … to go with the “overgrowth” idea and best for the “wild honey comb” suggested in the pollination thread, a “standard candle” could be made of the current honey comb/wax which may have some fatigue reduction qualities when burned, but as a tool could/would be used to burn the overgrowth blockade & field in lue of a torch

  • Candles could be Weapons … what?!.. yeah, I KNOW I’m not the only one to already think about this… xD … Deadly Potions could be added to the candle making process to produce candles which, when burned as the candle, releases gasses that immediately effect stats of the avatars close to it. — as a weapon, I imagine the rezzible candle would have a different color flame, maybe, as your only indicator it’s not a helpful candle you just lit?

((More on how to light a SLC candle, here: link to “matchsticks and heads” idea thread…))

  • Weapon Candles could be dangerous to carry! — might be a good use of some cloth materials to “wrap” the dangerous candles for transport as to not absorb the poison through the skin-- this again, could also be cause for “gloves” being made…

I definitely encourage others to include their ideas on candles!