Overgrowth-- trap/bloackade & for fields not used in a long time.. bushes, trees, etc.?

Overgrowth… possibly something that happens to farm fields that aren’t in use for prolonged periods? The burning (see torch idea!) or cutting of the overgrowth not only clears the field for planting, but adds organic material (which increases water retention and nutrient/bio-diversity) … which over time, with intentional cycling of fields in use and not in use, can increase yields of fields?

For trees and bushes, I imagine it just a means to kick-start new growth and reset the tree/bush… not sure how anyone else feels about this one, but it felt like it might be fun for more than just my mind! xD

“long time” could be 2 weeks, or a month? or… whatever people want?

Also, “Overgrowth” could be a “boobytrap” product of vines and such, which SLC builders/players may use to block a passage-- which would require to be cut down, or burned (See torch idea!)