Matchsticks & Heads -- Craftables --

Inspired by the idea of having candles and a game means of lighting them (first mentioned here: link)

It should be noted that medieval matches were not the strike-matches we know today, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use modern knowledge to split hairs on our matches for the game!

Wood scraps could potentially be turned into matchsticks! Carpenters would get the CXP for this part of the creation.

Miners– those mining the iron, copper, silver, and gold – could be the ones receiving random lots/ amounts of the base ingredients like salt, phosphate mineral, rock/sand, & diatomaceous earth

Smelters – would turn sand into glass bottles (as discussed here: link) and perhaps in that process produce “glass powder” which can be used in this match idea…

Cooks – would boil animal skin, tendons, cartilage, ligaments, and/or bones together to make a gelatin “animal gum”, as a binding agent in the matchhead paste…

Might, then, include random offerings of tendons, cartilage, ligaments, etc with the Butchering?

I imagine maybe anyone can obtain the items through the hunting, mining, cooking… but only those of the profession would get CXP for doing the task? Anyroad…


  • HEAD of Match — Made by the Alchemist/Herbalist with ingredients from mining & hunting & smelting?
    *— turns phosphate mineral into phosphoric compound (friction/strike ignition agent)
    *— turns salt into potassium chlorate (oxidizing agent, gives breath to the friction ignition process)
    *— makes “match-head paste” with the above two made ingredients and …
    *— … animal gum (wet binding agent – burn catalyst & cohesion)
    *— … glass powder (dry binding agent- post burn cohesion)…
    *— … diatomaceous earth (base, inert, mixing material for all other ingredients)

  • STICK of Match — as discussed, simple as being made by the carpenter of a burnable wood.

  • COMPLETE match — Put together by the Alchemist/Herbalist? (Artisan? Peasant?) dipping the matchstick in the matchhead paste and allowing to dry?


With matches made, I imagine similar to any tool, it would rez and attach to the avatar automatically, as a lit match… Having a lit match in hand, might then be what allows someone to touch a rezzed candle and light it.

That’s what I have on this for now!