Rezzable Food & Drink Wiki

This wiki can be updated by anyone. We will keep a list here of all know rezzable foods and drinks from competitions.

If you work out recipes for these, the item is able to be rezzed as a physical prim and in turn potions can be applied to them as well.

You can purchase and sell all rezzable food and drinks in the main store:

Old old entries will be in the Multi-Item Vendow (click the sign in-store) and all current winning entries will be rezzed out on the bench as seen in the screenshot.

If the person who created the recipe, doesn’t sell it to the vendor, the foods won’t be available to other players in the community. If you don’t see the item, contact the creator listed to see if they can sell some to the vendor or trade you some for you to sell or reverse engineer to figure out a recipe for your feasting tables.

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Recipe Name Creator
Chicken Noodle Soup Vudon
French Toast Doriokern
Hardy Beef Stew Vudon
Phill Cheesesteak Vudon
Ribeye Steak Meal jamesanthoney
Spicy Lemon Lobster demzieuk


Recipe Name Creator
Adrenaline Rush malienna
BlueBerryShake enzorobotic

Is this based on a future release to the system? I was unaware of any competitions. Sounds interesting.

No its current, we already had 4 rezzable foods from a couple months ago. You can see them at the main store. Except majority winner was @Vudon and hes not kept the vendors full and taken advantage of the coins available to claim selling to them.

We also have rezzable water.

Rezzed foods can be long left clicked and potions added to them to add effects without ppl knowing.

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How do we change the price of the item in the main store? I see the option to sell to the vendor but not sure how to adjust the buy price for my item

I’ll nudge @Vudon to go take a look and get things up to date. He’s been out of SL for a little bit due to his dread of having to update all his preferences on his shiny new computer. (Gotta love doing a clean install).

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You can’t adjust pricing. Those are set prices by the store. You’ll only be able to adjust your own vendors on other lands or if you use marketplace hubs.

If you feel one of the prices isn’t accurate and that you can’t make an item for the price asked, send me a PM and I’ll make some adjustments.