🌟 Introducing the SL Colonies Community Recipe Contest!

Calling all chefs of SL Colonies! Do you have a signature recipe that you believe deserves to be a star in our virtual world? We’re excited to announce a new opportunity for you to showcase your culinary creativity and get rewarded!

What’s in it for You?

  • Become a Part of the Game: Your recipe will be transformed into a physical, rezzable item within SL Colonies.
  • Share Your Culinary Genius: We’ll create a public recipe card for others to craft your item, spreading your culinary fame!
  • Earn Rewards: Receive 250 CXP as a thank you, and get a special mention on our forums and social media.

Submission Requirements:

  • Original Creations Only: Your recipe should be your own creation.
  • Accessible Ingredients: Ensure your recipe uses ingredients available through the Marketplace HUB or standard gathering/farming processes (if it also contains other compounded ingredients you created, those must be divulged too).

How to Submit:

  1. Post Here: Reply to this post with the name of your recipe (include your in-game name).
  2. Visualize It: Include a photo (a Google image is fine) to give us an idea of what your dish or drink looks like in real life, if possible.

This is your chance to leave a lasting mark on the SL Colonies world and share your culinary talents with the entire community. We can’t wait to see (and virtually taste) your amazing creations!

It would be extra beneficial if any of the recipes you submit for now could use any of our existing food mesh from previous winners. Many of these recipes are no longer used within the community, and the mesh is sitting there unused.

I am fine if you guys create brand-new recipes just to be able to use some of these meshes. Obviously, they cannot be named the same as the existing ones, though. Here are the images:

All FREE recipes will be listed on the Rezzable Food & Drink Wiki at: