Future of Merchants & Marketplace HUB

Hi All,

I’ve been thinking much about what I wish to do with the merchant profession and the marketplace hubs.

As you all know, the merchant profession is rather broken, and the marketplace hubs are not getting the use we expected.

Most sims now have their economies and use their vendors for their communities.

While some marketplace hubs have items listed, their traffic is minimal. Here is what I am planning to have come about of the merchant class and what I envision the marketplace hubs to become.

  1. Regular Marketplace HUBs will be linked to a ‘colony’. And will no longer list buy and sell orders.

  2. A new station called a ‘Merchant Stall’ will be created. A merchant member of a ‘colony’ will be able to sit on this stall, and every few minutes, at random, you will get a mini-game pop-up that checks you are not AFK. In addition, the merchant will earn ‘CXP’ every few minutes on this station. As the merchant gains CXP, the ‘colony’ they are a member of will also earn an item called ‘Crafting Supplies’ or something similar.

  3. A merchant of the same colony will be able to bring a barrel or large bag to the merchant stall to load up with ‘Supplies’ into this barrel or bag from the colony’s stockpile.

  4. The merchant has to visit other sims with a marketplace HUB on land and can unload ‘supplies’ into that marketplace HUB.
    a. They can only visit each market once every 24 hours,
    b. They can only supply each market x amount of supplies,

  5. As they supply other colonies’ markets, merchants will earn ‘SLC Coin’ in return.

  6. The main market in the main store will be repurposed to be automatically seeded with every crafted item in the game, where a merchant (or anyone the merchant has transferred SLC Coin to) can purchase any of the game’s items for SLC Coin.
    a. As certain products are purchased, the system will automatically increase the price of certain items and lower them depending on how much trade is going on with that item.

  7. Merchants then will bring items they have purchased in the main marketplace to their own sims vendors and make those items available to their community.
    a. The main market would not be restricted to just the merchant profession; anyone with SLC Coin will be able to use it.

Ok, so that’s most of the idea at this stage. We are repurposing the marketplace hubs to become something the merchants transfer supplies to earn CXP and SLC Coin to purchase any item in our game for their community.

The markets would no longer have a buy/sell feature, as you’ll be able to buy anything you need, but the only way to earn SLC Coin to buy what you need is to have merchants in your colony generating ‘supplies’ and visiting other sims.

Now, because ‘supplies’ are tracked, we can gamify the system slightly by displaying which colonies have been generating the most supplies, which colonies have been supplying other sims the most, and which colonies are receiving the least supplies and need support.

We can then include a bonus to a merchant by visiting sims with lower supply and higher demand, but providing the merchant with a 1.25x bonus to SLC Coin generated and so on. We could list this supply-demand on the website. This would encourage people to visit sims with fewer members and encourage interaction.

At the end of each month, the supplies a colony has generated would be wiped out. The objective would be to generate as much as possible during the month and supply them to the other sims to generate income. There will be no stockpiling of supplies.

Supplying another market would require time sitting at the market - generating traffic for a marketplace owner on their sim.

Merchants levelling up would gain bonuses, such as holding more supplies in their bag/barrel and being permitted to supply a market with more supplies than a lower level, therefore earning more SLC Coins to purchase needed items for their sim.

The idea is for each sim to have its economies flowing and for merchants to be the link between each sim. They can buy from the main market using SLC Coin and visit others sims to sell all their items to other sims vendors to earn different coins.

Someone will eventually start up a bank exchange for various sims economies, I am sure :wink:

I’m not fully understanding this I think, but… if the marketplace HUB can’t list buy/sell orders, what’s the point of it at all? What are “supplies”? Why force the merchant to sit there if people can’t buy/sell things there? and how can they earn SLC coins if they can’t buy/sell things?


Supplies will be a unique game item of no value except for other people’s markets.

The merchant earns the SLC Coin by going to the markets, which initiates a ‘transfer’ of supplies as they stand near it.

For example, if they load a barrel with 100 x ‘Supplies’ and go to a market and transfer supplies, the merchant will earn SLC Coin per supply transferred over.

The transfer rate will have a certain speed, though the rate of SLC Coin could be bonused by visiting sims with low supply/activity.

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so the merchant would no longer actually trade useable items between colonies?

Yes, they will. They will also go sell those items in other sims vendors and earn the different economies.

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