[Coming Soon] Changes to Patreon Membership & In-Store Purchases

Continuing the discussion from Future of Merchants & Marketplace HUB:

In the previous topic above, I discussed changes to the Market System and the Merchant Profession and the ATM vanishing with upcoming changes. It will remain for the time being, and you will all be notified when it will be removed and these changes being discussed here come into effect.

The platinum store will be revamped. Instead of purchasing items you can already get in the game, the platinum store will be made to include only specialty items that you cannot get any other way.

Items that you will be able to purchase for platinum include platinum tools that will have special decorations on them and extra durability. As well as special one-of-a-kind gatherables, an example includes a super iron vein that requires a platinum pickaxe to harvest, which will last a lot longer than regular iron ore and will also give you much more ore and consume much less energy. But, once consumed, it will vanish for good.

Other items include special platinum-only potions that will buff the player. Such as no energy consumption while performing your tasks for a period of time.

Patrons will also be able to purchase coin purses with their platinum and choose to convert their platinum into SLC coins.

Another important change will be the removal of the automatic tiered in-store discounts. Players will keep their current credits earned, but the discount system will be removed, and instead, discounts will be added to patron members at all tier levels. There will still be a generic 5% discount for group members as a base incentive to purchase in-store versus purchasing our products on the Second Life Marketplace.

If I understand you correctly, you are “incentivizing” SLC players to subsidize a flailing revenue stream by enticing them to subscribe to a Patreon tier through the introduction of exclusive SPECIALTY (disappearing!!??) items that will not be available to non-Patreon players, giving Patreon players an advantage in a “Pay-2-Win” style business model while stripping non-Patreon players of their purchasing discount incentives-Really?!

I don’t see how those changes are going to improve the current state of the SLC system and I for one strongly disagree with the elimination of the existing purchasing discount incentive model: Frankly, without that, I never would have purchased the amount of SLC inventory that I did. I think you should keep it. :slight_smile:


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