Exciting Changes Brewing in SL Colonies: A Sneak Peek into the Upcoming Brewery System Updates

Cyssan Brewery

Hello SL Colonies Community,

I’m Temujin Calidius, the founder of SL Colonies, and I’m thrilled to share some exciting news about the upcoming changes to our Brewery System. This article is based on a recent conversation between our developer, Drakkhis, and myself, discussing the planned updates in detail.

The Brewery System is crucial to our virtual world, SL Colonies. It allows players to engage in immersive brewing processes, creating a variety of drinks that can be used in the game. We’re planning a revamp to make it more realistic and engaging. The new system will involve four stages: mashing, fermenting, distilling, and aging. Each step will have its own station, and players can interact with each one to create their unique brews.

Here’s the exciting part: Players will not need to purchase a new system. All current stations will just receive an update. The mash tun, fermentor, distiller, and aging barrels will all be updated with these new features. Each station will allow you to input specific ingredients to get an outcome. We will need to update our database to include more stats on our raw materials. For example, we need to add starch into the database so that each food has different values of starch attached to it. We will also add new brewing enzymes into the CXP store for brewers to spend CXP on.

The first station, the mash tun, will convert starch into sugars. Players can add anything with starch content and brewing enzymes to create a mash. The second station, the fermenter, will ferment the sugar into alcohol. Here, players can add anything with sugar content and yeast to create a liquid with an alcohol level between 1% and 15%.

The distillery, the third station, will be used to enhance the alcohol content of the fermented liquid. Distilling can increase the alcohol content up to 90%, depending on the duration of the process.

Players can interrupt their process through any stage to taste a cup or test their item for stats before deciding if they wish to proceed longer in the process. Aging barrels will be used not to enhance alcohol stat; instead, they will be used to improve other base stats, such as thirst, energy and so on. We will add more barrel types to the carpentry, so you can make not just oak barrels but the other wood types available from our variety of trees (and yes, we will release the new trees sitting in our building platform!). The different types of wood will affect other stats over time.

The aging barrels will also allow a player to select the barrel design they would like their product to come out in. We will have a dozen designs for you to pick, and you can add your graphics by UUID to your barrels through that station.

There will be one new station! A bottling station. This means smelters will finally be able to smelt things into bottles that brewers will need. The bottling station will allow you to pick a variety of cork designs, tint your bottle, set its transparency, and apply your labels by UUID to those.

Are you going to have the next best wine or whiskey? Here’s an idea! When you create the best alcohol out of proprietary compounded ingredients to make it impossible to copy, why not develop a drink in your modified cooking station that now appears to be a tavern’s bar? You now create a few cocktails with simple ingredients that anyone can obtain, add your proprietary alcohol on top and name your cocktail something special, giving out the cocktail recipe to the community to serve in their taverns/clubs/bars, and encourage the community to visit your land to purchase your special brew!

We believe these changes will significantly enhance the brewing experience in SL Colonies, making it more immersive and enjoyable. We’re excited to see how our community will embrace these changes and create unique brews.

With the complementary Social Stone being released shortly, the demand for alcohol will also increase significantly, creating a fun, interactive environment for you all to participate in.

We encourage you to share your thoughts and opinions on these upcoming changes. Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Stay tuned for more updates!


You guys using Chat GPT for your marketing now? The writing style is different than what is used to be; there is a lot more flourish to it…as if you have hired a copywriter :slight_smile:

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Cool now I can be dangerous in the brewery too… :wink:

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So now the Social Stone is free? I remember posting that it should be when you first presented the concept but you replied – "Creating new elements, such as the Social Beacon, involves considerable time, effort, and resources. The price we set for these items is reflective of the value and quality they bring to the game and helps us to sustain our work on this platform.

We’d also like to clarify that we are committed to our community, and this is not reflected solely through the distribution of free products. We do not sell user data or run ads to gain revenue; we sustain the platform purely through sales and Patreon memberships.

Regarding the Social Beacon, rest assured it will not be a Patreon exclusive. However, our patrons at the $25 tier and above will receive it for free a week before the general release as a token of our gratitude for their support.

This is also an opportunity for players like yourself to consider supporting us on Patreon. It allows us to continue our work and gives you access to exciting new features before anyone else. We appreciate your understanding and support."

Should read complementary. My apologies :slight_smile:

Guilty as charged! We’ve been using ChatGPT to assist in marketing posts and to assist in other areas. Drakkhis has even been using ChatGPT for coding needs.

It’s a powerful tool, and not taking advantage of it would just put us at a disadvantage!

Will there be a way to use our own mesh for barrels or bottles in the future? Yes this is from my experience with G&S where we can do unique collector’s item wines. And despite they had destroyed their whole concept with their other games i still rather enjoyed that experience and would love SLC to have it too.

Not everyone drinks let alone know how the details of brewing and the work of it. Please post a Brewing for Dummies guide for all the enzyme and whatever it is and why so important thank you.

Great that there is another skill a Smelter can do… something my EX-Smelter now Smith can’t, AGAIN. I’m sorry but really this system needs to be a little more flexible regarding the jobs. Hell even actual games has something along the line of Mage → Paladin and now the Paladin can learn mage skills and paladin skills, because its related jobs! Its not as if i’m asking for say for a Woodsmen → Smith and still allow a Smith to do wood work coz its clearly no longer the same path line. That is the least you guys can do and its not like i am asking for both job’s cxp, you can still restrict that to only one job gives that. But of course the most flexible and reasonable thing is allowing one person to have any primary and secondary job so that when this sort of thing happen we can actually backtrack! That or you start inventing a study desk so we can learn specific skills from books for this sort of situations!

So is the social stone’s range 10m or 20m etc? I have a big sim and i need to know the range so i can tell where and how many to put it. And since its going to be short range instead of sim wide, the price please be reasonable…

We will have a look into this, but at this time I don’t think it will be possible without breaking how our barrels work. Our barrels show a level that drops, as well as text in front of them to display a name:

We could make them mod, but you will lose those features on your barrels if we did that, at least until we figure out a workaround with an API for that.

To answer that question, check this out:

Please see the humour in it. But I wont be posting a guide for dummies, it’s out there already :wink:

We understand your concern about the need to backtrack to a previous profession to learn new skills. Our system has always emphasized specialization and challenge, and we’ve been clear that changing professions means starting a new journey while maintaining what you’ve learned previously.

Our model is different from many mainstream games where skill-learning across professions is more flexible. In SL Colonies, the challenge lies in picking a path and following it, honing your skills in that profession. The system was designed with the intent of creating a network of interdependency among players, where different professions complement each other. If a new recipe is added, it’s like returning to college for a refresher course.

While we understand your comparison to other games, like a Mage becoming a Paladin and retaining both skill sets, we intentionally created a more niche, profession-based system to set us apart and provide a unique experience.

Your suggestion for a study desk or a system that allows learning specific skills from books is interesting and might make a great addition to our Ideas Forum. We always appreciate player feedback and new ideas, and it could be a great discussion point to see if such a feature gains traction within the community.

We appreciate your patience and passion for our game. Let’s continue to shape this world together, and remember, we’re not World of Warcraft, but we’re proud to be a unique and engaging experience.

Feel free to continue this conversation in the Ideas section of our forums.

Ok, thinking more on this, unfortunately, no, these would not be mod. Because they are a rezzable item, you don’t get to load your own mesh into our system.

Remember, all our crafted items are virtually stored in our database, not as mesh, but as text. When you rez it, it pulls the item from our Main Server vendor.

If you were to modify your barrel, sure, you would have your own single barrel, but you will need to modify every single finished barrel you rezzed out of the finished product. Your mesh would not store in your database. We cannot allow people to upload their own mesh onto our servers, as we’d be hosting/serving potentially copyright items unlicensed to us.

When we allow labelling, this is different, as we are allowing you to add a label via UUID, which means that Linden Labs is hosting the content on their servers and not ours.

LOL I knew it! I am studying Prompt Engineering - Resistance is Futile :slight_smile:

Yes it is very powerful, so powerful that its killed the Film & Television industry as its one of the main points of contention. Its so powerful that I haven’t had a show in over 9 months because even just the threat of the strike was enough to cancel and push show start dates of most productions and now, thanks to the SAG strike, the few productions that were were still rolling during the writer’s strike have stopped.

Meant to say Thanks earlier, for using Cyssan’s brewery as a graphic. This brewery was created by Radein Core, his work on Cyssan is awesome. I love it.


I request that the drink made from SUGAR CANE WATER, CALLED “CACHAÇA”, a Brazilian drink, be included in the update of the brewery system.
yeast fermentation
distillation 38 to 54% alcohol
bottling and aging
Obs.: using the translator I also found the denomination “sugar cane brandy”
Thanks for attention. :slight_smile:

When we get the new Brewing system done, you will be able to brew it

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It will work a little like cooking station @axelnaxos2008 and players come up with the recipes and name them :wink:

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Wow, Very Very goooooood :star_struck:

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