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Thanks for your inquiry about the social stone range. The social stone is designed to foster vibrant gathering places on your land, like taverns, clubs, or bars. The idea is not to blanket your whole sim with them but to strategically place them where you host events and social gatherings.

Let me explain a bit more: If a player is within the range of a single social stone, they can click it to start generating social points. If they move away and click another stone, the points they accrue will be significantly slower, as the stone’s primary purpose is to enhance social interaction. Therefore, scattering stones all around your land won’t necessarily maximize point generation.

Think of the social stone as an event booster. If players know an event is taking place around a social stone, they’ll be more likely to teleport there, mingle, and boost their social stat in the process. Once they leave, they can activate their accrued points at another stone on a different sim or their own land to use as energy.

The exact range and additional details will be covered during our live stream tomorrow. I encourage you to tune in for a thorough explanation of how the social stones function, their benefits, and best practices for use (or watch the stream afterwards, when you get a chance if you are busy).

The pricing of the social stones has been carefully considered to balance the benefits it provides and the need to make it accessible for as many players as possible. We’re committed to providing a fair and rewarding experience for everyone. Looking forward to sharing more details soon!

That’s one way of calling. I think of it more as a Traffic Generating Tool. :stuck_out_tongue:

Will it have a menu to adjust the range to accommodate large or small events? An Archery or an Equestrian tournament will require a much larger range then a campfire chat would.

Will it enable us to pull stats from it like number of avatars, dates and times visited, duration of visit?

Good questions Zagan,

I’ve been discussing with Drakkhis, and in terms of range, the default is 15 meters. There is no way to adjust, but we can build a feature that increases the range by x meters per person at a stone. Up to a maximum range?

We don’t want to end up with a system where someone with a sim that’s always got traffic turns it on to half a sim range all the time, knowing they will always have an active stone.

As for pulling stats, SL Colonies doesn’t track users’ data. The most we do in the system is track activity; if you want a list of ‘who’ and ‘how long’, you’ll need to do that through the multitude of trackers already available.

In saying that, we could add an anonymous tracker that would tell you x number of users who used your stone today and spent x amount of time total within range if that works.

All stones will also appear on a web page within the meter website and tell players how many active users are currently at that stone. On top of putting an announcement up in the group chat to get people there when running an event and on the forums and discord.

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Yes there are all kinds of greeters/ traffic trackers and I use them at all key landing zones and at the end of the day or when I log in, I get a list of all the avatars (including names) triggering the greeter sensor during the last 24 hours period. I am not sure why you couldn’t add that feature to the stone…

I understand your range concern for the Social Stone but my Tavern is 22m x 35mm and if I am not mistaken, that’s beyond the stone’s range. My fishing pond is 36m x 21, my Combat Arena is 39m x 27, My jousting list is larger as are my 5 Equestrian arenas…

And what about full sim events that go for days and weeks like Halloween Haunts and Themed Hunts? Or a sim wide creature Hunting event? Etc…

So if the Social Stone is an “Event Booster” as you are marketing it, its going to be very limited in the types of events it can boost if we can’t customize the range beyond a simple campfire chat and that will NOT be worth, in my opinion, its purchase price.

So to give that stone value, as I mentioned earlier, I think you will need to add an Owner menu to retrieve visitor stats and custom range options: Perhaps one can add coordinates. How about an Event timer with a duration cap where the owner can set times within that cap: Hour and Days with a web base calendar for example. :slight_smile:

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