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I thought I would reply to @Satanic.Visions as a new topic. I know some of you guys are eager for PvP. However, we must remember that not everyone was into PvP when we sorted out a timeline of everything we were developing and everything we wanted to accomplish to get out of Beta.

Our first target is getting out of Beta, bringing us to v1.0 with all the current items being solid and bug-free as much as possible.

So, this is the order of things to get out of Beta:

  1. Upgrade to the cooking station app (hopefully fix web app issues)
  2. Brewery System Update
  3. Butcher System Update
  4. Quest System
  5. Dungeon System
  6. Enchanting System & Gemstones (for weapons)
  7. Magic / Scrolls / Combat

Then, once we are out of Beta, we can work on future ideas and new products. We already add new products ‘in-between’ all the updating we are doing. We usually pick something closer to the top of the timeline and pop something new out in between to mix things up and not burn Drakkhis out by just coding the same things.

Here are the ideas in the timeline.

  1. Marketplace & Trade rebuild
  2. Compass & Player Foraging Update
  3. Patron-Created Ingredients
  4. Platinum Item: Gatherable Prim (possible mod etc., for customising sim themes)
  5. Dropping items from your inventory and allowing other players to find those items, such as a bag showing on the sim for x amount of time.
  6. PvP toggling on Region Servers and the ability to set PvP on/off zones on sim (forced).
  7. Platinum Item: Invisible Station Prims
  8. Greenhouse - Mushroom Growing
  9. New Brewery Additions (Hops, Beer, etc.)
  10. Pot Plants (for herbs and particular veg/fruit)
  11. More vegetables: Cucumbers, Onions, Bell Peppers, Green Beans, Zucchini etc.)
  12. More fruit trees: (Nuts, Olives, Cocoa, Coffee, Cherry, Almond, Walnut, Peaches, Plums, Cinnamon)
  13. Raisin (drying of grapes?)
  14. Fishing Experience (CXP for fishing, either new profession or for everyone, ability to increase chances at fishing, perhaps a crafting system like nets and so forth.
  15. Fishing Tournament system

As you can see, there are a lot, and most of this stuff was ideas from the community, and there are more, like silk making, which I am adding to the list, as that’s a needed material for good quality sheets for high regeneration.


love me or hate me, but animal feeding is not on the agenda? obviously nothing as stupid as the other systems, but something coherent.

No, not at this time. We aren’t focused on breeding at all, to be honest. It can be something we look into along with breeding overhaul in the distant future. Still, we are a roleplay system first before farming, so our focus will be on improving the roleplay systems before we come back to breeding, feeding etc. If that makes sense?

Also, you are the first person to suggest such a thing, so it tells me the community has no real interest in those features (at this time). The ideas and timeline are primarily created from past posts on the forums and ideas given by the community.


Like what i see thus far except for the invisible prim stations or gatherables for platinum only. Its just forcing everyone to be patron for it isn’t it? Being a patron should be a choice and not a must and not everyone can afford to support SL Colonies as a patron. And i’m sure many people wants to use their own furniture as base but have it function as what it suppose to, especially since your stuff is having an aim of building up sims and community. That will just restrict the choices people would make between SL Colonies or other systems.

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What gatherables are available as Platinum Only? Im pretty sure everything is available in world with the correct gathering item. If not please let me know what is not.

Its something Temujin mention, about idea timeline #4 & #7. Invisible version of gatherable and stations for platinum only.

Ahh so its not the gatherables themselves that are patron only, Just Invisible Stations , and nothing is set in stone, that is for the future.

Yes its part of the future plans and frankly i don’t think its a good idea to make it patron only. Doing that only means people who loves being resellers will sell them off at ridiculously high linden pricings, and it sours the community from such things. It is something i witness from other system though not about invisible things it has the same effects. And as i mentioned, if your goal is to make SL Colonies the best system out there being a sim build friendly system is one of the greatest thing you can do easily.

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Its NOT forcing anyone to become a Patron; it is simply a perk for Patron members. Most online games offer some form of subscription incentive to bolster developer revenue streams. Even Second Life has perks to entice you to become a paying monthly subscriber!

Furthermore we are all limited by our financial situation: One can either afford to buy a bottle of ‘Taste of Diamonds’ Champagne or a bottle of Budweiser… No one is forcing you to buy one or the other, and fair or not, one must simply live within their means.


IF we had an Item like that it would be No Copy and No Transfer so whoever owned it could not Re-sell it. And as for our Patrons… I work anywhere from 40 to 80 Hours a week on this system. This is my sole source of income. Having Patron supporters is a nice way for me to see that all the work I put in is supported by a community of people who enjoy what I produce. And I do not believe that asking for $5 a month in support is unreasonable to have access to a feature that would only be used by someone who owns enough land to need that feature. (I know the last part is worded a bit weird, but couldn’t figure out the correct way to say it without If And and Foreach statements lol).


In that case that would make sense, comparing what i dislike most i honestly dislike the exploitations of resellers more than anything. So i’m glad it will be no trans, and it would make me want to sign up for patron in the future when i could.


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This looks great. I can’t wait for brewery update and quest/dungeons.

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