Feature Requests

Hmm My OP was part of a thread but it was moved so it sort of looks out of context. Should of stayed where it was…

Might as well add my Wish List to this thread:

01: Quicker Processing times when crafting. 49 minutes to make Two +100 Energy Boost Drinks at the Cooking Station is just excessively slow especially when 40 Harvest bags can be make in less time for far more CXP!

02: Farmer Recipies, where are the farmer recipes?

03: Fertilizer recipe options that improve yield and crop potency

04: Fertilizer to be required on ALL fields

05: Beehives to improve fruit and berry potency and quicker respawn times

06: Fruit Trees and Berry Bushes should be a 1 click harvest all node like everything else in the system from Reeds to Milking Cows where a random amount of items are acquired with a single click.

07: A Starter Kit designed to the profession selected, that includes an entry level bed, weapons, starter tools, bags, baskets, pots, & jars along with some food & water, should either be provided upon selecting a profession or available to purchase for a few coins. The SL Market tends to have needed newbie items for prices usually well beyond the 50 copper coin starter budget. So perhaps increasing the starter coins to 10 Silver coins would not only enable the new player to get off to a good start but also improve the market economy.

08: Streamline the Market Purchases by having a “Claim” button option listed on every item for sale that becomes available once an item is bought eliminating the need to have to return to the Market Vendor in order to get access to select a Claim option and pop additional web pages. Seems very pointless to me.

09: Colony / Sim Owners to be able to post Sim Events.

10: Cooks to gain some Minor CXP for gathering fruits, berries, eggs and milking cows.

Keep up the great work!

I haven’t seen Vudon and Lilith for awhile at Crimson Hollow, but Vudon was always gracious enough to put together new player kits that contained some starter items to get going.

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Product under development. In my humble opinion translated on google is that, who is seduced by what is participating, bet a little more becoming Patreon and helping the development forward. It seems to me that after the “fertilizer event” Patreons were lost. It’s not the time to charge so much.


We are not the ones controlling the market, and we do not charge for beds. Everything in the market HUBS is player generated as it’s always been.

Listing beds for 10,000 coins does not mean the beds are worth 10,000 coins. Likewise, listing an item does not mean that it’s that item’s ‘market value’. Market Value is only determined by what people are willing to pay for it.

Just curious but what on earth is the ‘fertilizer event’?

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Lol I like that.

The Fertilizer Event.

If I read it all snd understood correctly it was closing an exploit/loophole that allowed people to propel their stats into godhood.

Some people weren’t happy about the stat reset.

But honestly you can’t have a real PVP system either with that kind of balance problem.

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I would pull my pants over my head because of the price of a parchment… I decided to check the process for myself… then I understood everything… a bed then the whole process would make a movie in machinima, it would be amazing!

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It was the Great Farmer CXP Nerf of 2022 that also resulted in a character leveling process reset that angered a few members.

EEK! I would have fainted if l lost my progress from a reset. Its not easy to get points for this system. Its fun to work for it, but it will kill me if i get reset XD

Well it wasn’t a full wipe start over thing and players were refunded CXP based on level and balancing of the professions in relation to their race and the “new” stat caps. But this is a Beta so be prepared for that to happen again :slight_smile:

Meanwhile we are all still waiting for this:

“and 12 special stat points will be credited to your account for you to place wherever you wish, allowing you to exceed the stat cap which has recently been implemented.”

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I will be working on that after i finish fixing the broken cooking app