Beehives & Pollination

It would be great if the beehives added a “pollination” element to nearby crops, fruit bushes and fruit trees where fruits and crops would regenerate faster with beehives by a factor of X%. The more Beehives you have, the faster the regeneration. There could also be an improvement to the stats of the crops and fruits picked.

I might have to go scrounge for another vote to cast! I do like this idea!

I have other thoughts, but I feel like I might need to work them out in my mind a bit more before I write it out. xD

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I’m not a scripter… I have, however, gained a little understanding of some of how some scripting works, and admit, this idea “Beehives & Pollination” seemed to insist in my brain, to be mindful of how it might be scripted, in the expansion of the details of how it might work.

Anyroad! Here goes on Beehives & Pollination thoughts (perhaps to inspire what’ll actually work and be most fun!)…

  • In a similar way the fields can have a sign linked to them… Linking a Hive or group of hives, maybe up to 3? ( 3 felt like the best number of hives I could logically/reasonably stack upon one another and consider the stack “one hive” in the way, of grouped bees-- bees can be territorial and don’t exactly share hives – so … ) rather than attempt any kind of “hive radius” which would require constant pinging/active scripting… the hive or hive group, be designated to X-object.


  • Small farm field can have a max of 1 hive linked to it for pollination extras…

  • Large farm field can have a max of 3 hives linked to it for pollination extras…

  • 1 blueberry bush/apple tree etc, can have 1 bee hive… 1 beehive per plant-type, (though bees wouldn’t normally segregate themselves to a specific type of plant (e.g. only blueberries), but mono-culture (single-crop/plant) farming practices do make it possible, and thusly, my mind suggests the easiest solution to bee-to-territory ratios (loosely speaking.)

  • Hives might be clicked to receive a menu of nearby SLC fields and gatherable bushes and trees, and can choose only one variety to link to, for each individual hive.

  • Beehives might also get a new three-in-one (#new-product ?) Beehive group, for those larger fields, tree orchards & blueberry/blackberry bush gardens?

  • Trees, like Orange Trees, Apple Trees, Fig Trees, Lemon & Lime Trees (as well as the blueberry and blackberry bushes) might get an upgrade where they have a link option in the menu that looks for a beehive when clicked, and can only link to a beehive that had already been linked to a tree/bush of that kind? – This to create Orchards & Bush Gardens for pollination… … maybe there is a limit to how many trees or bushes a beehive or beehive group may accept-- e.g. a maximum size of an orchard the bees of that hive/hive group are tending.

Which brings me to, HONEY VARIETIES!

  • Linking a hive/hives to a field or tree/bush type would thusly make the honey that hive produces, of that plant. blueberry blossom honey, blackberry blossom honey, orange blossom honey, lotus flower honey, etc… if it has a bloom, it can be a type of honey? And I imagine these specific honey varieties would have slightly different stats to reflect their different origins…

  • Honey varieties which could be a main staple for good meads? (if they be included in the Brewer profession…) #brewer #brewery

  • Honey varieties may also then produce varieties of comb, which could be the beginnings of candle making– where candles of comb wax can be made of the matching smells of their origin, with the honey notes as a rezzable/usable object? ((more on honey comb candles here> link ))

  • The current “honey” and “honey comb” I imagine to be the “wild/unknown” kind of honey, where you’re not entirely sure what all the bees pollinated, it’s a mixed lot! Stays as it is for all unlinked hives and is perhaps the middle ground with which you suss the stats of all other varieties of honey?

  • Prairie/ Region Server/Whole Land linked hives? … this idea came with consideration to places like the Village of Cyssan & Crimson Hollow, that has an entire sim, public access to all SLC stations and goods, including a “compass prairie” all can use to compass for goods. ((Though also for those Kingdoms/Lands/Empires which have their own, public or otherwise))…

  • 4 corner hives/hive groups, perhaps, or 4 corners and 1 center hive/hive groups Max, on such a “compass prairie” linked (either via a “compass prairie add on ( #new-product ?) for linking” or link to the region server perhaps?) Hives would produce Wild Flower Honey, and possibly increase the random yields of found flowers, herbs, and berries for that “compass prairie” space when compassing?

  • The above, I imagine to be a “thank you” of sorts, to both the sim (which may have rights to the honey, if the hives can be secured to group or owner?) and players who use it to compass.

IF the “overgrowth” idea be a good one, beehives linked to an unused field or unharvested bush(es)/tree(s), could actually be part of what accelerates overgrowth? Maybe produces “wild honey” which is marginally less potent than all other honey?

Pollination related note about Orange Trees – and part of why an unharvested tree or orchard of trees may not produce the designated honey, like orange blossom honey-- Orange trees that are picked, little stem-bit and all, continue to fruit as well or better the following years. Trees where the stem bit/bud from which the fruit grows off of is left on when the fruit is plucked or fallen from the tree, it’s not as likely to fruit as well or better the next year. … I imagine this to be an integrated incentive/gratitude for the regular harvests (be they daily or weekly or whatever?) though possibly also only applying to those linked to beehives?

That’s my 3 cents on this, and I did find that vote to cast! xD