What do you think about Soap Maker

My idea on this, I was thinking the carpenter can make wood tubs, maybe add like loops from the blacksmith, to use it for regaining energy, you must have soap, the soap can be like how the cooks are setup, maybe, the soap could have their own healing aspects, depending what it is made of…

Interesting concept. Yheres a few stations we can add that aren’t specific to a profession perhaps.

For example there is also a request for cheese making as a station and a process:

Soap maker could go along with an Artist / Craft Profession. As could candle making. Arts and Craft Profession? Perfumer could go in there to, I would think. :slight_smile:

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oooh yes, I would also be interested in the cheese, I already have a room with the cheese maker props, but it isn’t a system.

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