Who's hungry for cheese?

I know you could make a recipe and call it cheese, but was curious if there are plans for cheese making for cooks or farmers? I can see making all kind of different cheeses being popular. Also, we do have wine so would be a great match. Cheesy replies welcome!

I think that would take away from the existing cheese recipes. You can change the kind of cheese by how much of what ingredients you put in it. And if the cooking station is changed so that the cook chooses the amount of time, that would make a difference in the cheese as well.

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Was not aware there was a recipe for cheese. Anybody care to share? lol Well IM me in SL if so Doogz Weston. So we do not give spoilers.

There is already some cheese through the cooking station, though we could in future make a cheese-making table and move those recipes to said table and have various different prim cheeses.

The process could be that you pick your ingredients, pick your end product ‘prim’ design and you will get that prim with your UUID texture printed on it.

That’s something we want to do with the brewery. Allowing you to invent your own wines and alcohols, picking from 1 of 12 barrel designs and adding your logos to them for the end product.


Wow, I was just discussing the custom labels/containers idea with a friend recently. That would be great! Apologies for not knowing there were already recipes. I just never saw any and do not recall seeing items on market for it. Gonna make me a chicken sandwich with cheese!


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