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So I am told there are 11 Social Stones out there and I looked for them but only found two.

So I thought it would be convenient (seeing as the Dev’s are not listing the regions with stones nor is there a menu built into the stone with Stone locations to TP to) if Colonies posted a picture here of where their Social Stone is located.

I’ll go first:

I will create specific events for the stone but until then, I have placed my Social Stone by my Demon Determination Well in my Bloodlines area where I have 3 Lucky Chairs (with dozens of items, scripts, and sound effects) and 25 Mini Mania Boards to enjoy while gaining Social Points and perhaps winning some cool items while your at it :slight_smile:

And while you are there, take some time to explore my Halloween Horror Store because 'Tis the Season!

I look forward to seeing SLC community Social Stone location pics.

So two days since I posted this and 11 views later and not a single Social Stone pic from any of the 11 other colonies that supposedly have Social Stones. But even more discouraging is a lack of a Dev comment, at the very least some kudos for me taking the initiative to attempt to promote a Social Stone activity where there are none… Not very Social is it - LOL!

Maybe if the Devs decide to allow Colony Owners to post notices in the group chat there may eventually be some life into what is pretty much a dormant group chat: Hard to promote colony Social Activities when no one can post notices…

it’s not fancy it’s not fabulous and I am sorry I did not post it. this is at Lycan Sanctuary no events scheduled yet because my brother is in hospital Cancer IRL. Sorry if that is an Inconvenience…

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Not every community member uses the forums, and not everyone wants to interact all the time on all media channels. Even when I host live streams, it takes a long time to go from 0 or 1 person viewing live to 5 or 6 from our community, depending on the time zone.

I’m sorry; I’ll make sure to reply to every single one of your posts from now on to ensure you feel noticed. I replied to your ideas about the stone, and chose not to reply to this post in particular to allow you to take the lead in your post and not always have game devs taking over player initiatives and letting the community interact with no input from us.

We won’t be allowing direct group notices. We have a group of 516 or so members, and all it takes is 1 sour apple who’s upset with a product to flood and abuse a group of players. Group chat only affects those online at the time, and a player can be removed and/or chat disabled. Notices are saved and sent to everyone upon login without the ability to remove the damaging materials which affects a large player base and customer base.

For now, you can post in the group chat to inform people of your upcoming events and even include a link to a SLURL or web page with your event details.

You can also post in the land promotions section of these forums to promote your event, and you can also post on Discord in the Land advertisements section of the community. You can post there all day, every day to get people’s input and their attention. These were made for the community for that exact purpose.

You can also post on social media. We have a Group for SL Colonies on Facebook that you can post into as well, and nothing is stopping you from creating an ‘event’ in that group if Facebook Groups allow you to do that (Redirecting...)

There are two other options we are looking into, as discussed in the topic at Social stone suggestions - #2 by TemujinCalidius, including a calendar in the Colony admin pages that could be used to interact with a bot of ours that would handle notices.

Another option would be for you to send me an IM with your requested notice in advance with dates so that I can schedule notices through our bot over a period of time to promote an event as well.

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LOL Come on! Demons like to have their egos stroked too!

SLC has 17 Regions listed so that’s only 17 colony owners that should have Notice Posting abilities which is not difficult to moderate. And yes notices go to everyone which is the point- LOL.

I belong to many groups that permits sending notice and over the years I have yet to receive a single hostile notice… and I am 17 years in SL this October!

Anyway, I think its a mistake restricting event notifications to the social platforms which based on the post views, are obviously not used by the 516 members…

Hey sorry about your brother :frowning:

Anyway, there is no obligation to reply, its just nice when it happens :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting a pic :slight_smile:

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Forget about social stone and welcome to my social fire! From the moment i got it its already set for public uses and i provided a keg of sake too for those who likes to play some games while drinking. So its not just the trivia questions from the social system, so you won’t be bored at the very least.

The sim i built is Japanese based so its a very peaceful place with nature ambient and there is stream music for those who prefer music, but since its a list of songs i love so it has a mix of Japanese, Chinese and English in it so sorry :sweat_smile:

So far at least while i’m around i had not once seen anyone use the social stone to socialize at all, so i would be very happy if people would come and enjoy themselves and know that they did. One thing is for sure i can’t socialize alone :rofl: and i am not really the type to host a DJ party just so that it will be used. Thank you so much.


This day/night I was happy to invite two SL Colonists over to my place and we worked our conversation through the Social Stone. Unfortunately the stone worked a bit contraproductive. Instead of intensifying or at least giving extra value to our conversation, it was rather annoying to keep him running or trying to answer his questions. So we soon stopped “using” it to be able to concentrate more on our conversation. My suggestion: shut up the stone and let it behave more like a silent companion than a quizmaster.

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