[REQUEST] Rooster Station, separate from Chicken Coop

It would be great to get a rooster breeding station that is separate from the chicken coop. It could have all of the same requirements for food and time to breed, just without the need for an additional chicken coop. You could even bill it as an “add-on” rooster only available with an existing chicken coop. Basically, I don’t want to take up the extra real estate, but still want to breed more chickens at a time.

So just a variation of the coop. Remove the coop, have just a plain rooster?

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Not necessarily remove the coop, but have the ability to set more than one breeding at a time. But thinking about it, I guess you could just remove the coop and have roosters instead, the way the other animals are.

Also, if we do that, can we do the same for the pig breeding station? I realized after I started this thread that it also has a shed that it’s in.

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