[REQUEST] Large Basket, and Related Change Requests

Can we have a Large Basket, please? Something that maybe holds 50 gathers? We burn through a lot of baskets doing harvests. Even with fruit, we can go through 5 or 6 at one time.

And speaking of harvests…is there some way we can do farm harvests without burning 10 baskets per field? In a way, it doesn’t make sense when you consider that a basket holds 20 gathers, but you use up a whole basket for one gather, that might be 3 or fewer items? On the other hand, I don’t have an alternative solution, other than maybe the above-mentioned Large Basket that could perhaps hold 10 large fields or garden gathers.

We wouldn’t need to create a large basket, we could just increase the durability of baskets all round if they are a little combersom currently?

The way the database works for the fields is a little different. It requires the sickle in hand to harvest, and uses a basket from inventory. But in the RP sense, we treat a wheat as the same as a basket of wheat. I just named it wheat instead of a basket of wheat.

We’d have to look into how it works, potentially remove the consumption of the tool within your inventory and just charge the durability of the tool you have out. But that will greatly affect the need for baskets and such too.

Changing the durability of existing baskets might work. It would be worth a try to see how it goes. I don’t want to see it go too far the other way though, so 100 durability would probably be outrageously high.

Currently, the demand for baskets is pretty extreme, but that could be a good thing or a bad thing. It might end up being a top seller in a vendor, and it would suck to decrease the value of a sure-thing market by lowering the demand.

For farming, if a basket’s durability could be reduced by 1 each harvest the way the sickle is, instead of being destroyed, that would be way cool. They would still be consumed, just at a much slower rate. It sounds from the way you described it that the field coding will not allow for that, at least as it functions right now. Even so, without asking I wouldn’t have known. :slight_smile:

I’ll summon @drakkhis to see if that is even a possibility with the way we’ve setup our database.

I know the durability is only consumed from a tool in-hand.

Here’s a screenshot of what the table looks like for the harvesting of a field:

You can see in the harvest stage (stage 5), the tool required is a sickle, and the amount_use of 1 is to take 1 durability from the sickle.

Then we have item_use which is the basket (and for seeding it consumes seeds, water etc from inventory) and linked to that is amount_use_item which tells the system how much of that item to physically use.

We would need to figure out how to recognise the difference between seeds and water etc vs a basket being a tool instead of an ingredient and taxing durability instead of the whole item from your inventory.

Or we could just set the amount_use_item to 0 on the basket so it doesn’t cost any basket, but just makes sure you have them in your inventory.

@drakkhis may be able to weigh in here for ideas.

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Yes, I’m not sure on this one. I go through a ton of baskets myself so its a pain sometimes. However, as Lilith said you don’t want to tip the scales so far the other way because it would reduce the demand for baskets and reeds in general which is how most people get started so its a decent income maker.

Unless its possible to add another use for reeds as well to keep them in demand.

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What about a durability 1 bag, tray, or basket especially for garden and farm field use? Yes, it’s adding another item to the game (and one that only has one purpose). It would still eat into the profitability of small baskets, but it could be a level 0 so that newcomers could make them, and they wouldn’t further overbalance the CXP for basketweaving too badly.

I don’t know…is it a reasonable balance?

I like that idea. I could change the small basket to be a large basket with 50 durability so everyone with small baskets currently suddenly has large.

And then make the small basket require much less reed than the large and be single-use and level 0.

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How about we change the small basket to require 20 reeds instead of 10, and it gets 50 durability.

However, the small basket would no longer be used on fields. We add a new recipe that is a Farmers Bag which is 10 reeds and it’s single-use.

That way you reduce the usage of small baskets as you don’t use those on the farms anymore and the farmer bag replaces that in reed consumption but is single-use for bags of ‘wheat’ and other things.

Now that I think about it, I think by simply upping the requirement of reeds and making it larger would solve the problem.

If anything place more reeds into basket making would give new players a better leg up while also making it just a tad bit more cumbersome for power users to solo everything. I can’t speak for weapons or tools because I don’t make them but I think most of the basic tools like clay pots and things could use more resources. As it stands its easy enough to just create stacks of these tools yourself and there are so many of the basic resources already floating around out there because they are so easy to harvest.

As currently stands 10 reeds gets 20 harvests.
Maybe if you change the ratio to say 30 or 40 reeds to one 50 use basket.

You reduce the amount of trips into inventory and you create more usage for reeds.

Also increase the crafting time and energy consumption of each basket accordingly.

Hmm possibly a small, medium, and large basket?

Small basket the same, medium basket 30 reeds, 50 use, and large basket 100 reeds to 100 uses?

Possibly just small and large? Leave small the same and large 50 reeds per 50 use basket?

In that case you have the benefit to make larger baskets at the drawback of using more resources for them?

Maybe all the tools can consider this type of treatment?

Each side would have its pros and cons.

For different basket sizes that are considered usable tools, I’ll have to see if a fruit tree or whatever gatherable can have a selection of tools instead of being limited to just 1 tool for that to work.

Ah, I never considered that.
Each harvested tree/field looks for one specific tool doesn’t it?

Possibly just make the large basket then with a different ratio.

I know someone else brought it up the other day. I’m also in favor of making it more difficult to solo through everything.

I think the more it can be encouraged to seek other players work it increases the need for cooperation and community building.

Maybe a beginning artisan class that can use the pottery wheel and make the baskets specifically as their role for menial things.

I have a friend that will help me out with basic things, but they don’t care to get too complex into it.

It would create a role just for that casual kind of player.

ok I am seeing some idea of increasing the reeds needed to 20 and making the basket get 50 uses. This is good for all the gathers EXCEPT to fields gathering that uses 1 full basket per gather. This solution does not address the core issue of taking an item that costs 1 minute of time, 5 energy, and 10 reeds for each field gather. In order to gather a field you need to spend 100 reeds, and 10 minutes and 50 energy, just to create the disposable “basket” before you can even begin to gather. In addition to this you now you are down half your energy and can not fully gather a field that requires 100 energy to fully gather. All of this is just details to show the “total Cost” in energy, resources and time. To address the issue of the cost of the disposable item used in each gather; I think there needs to be an item; called whatever you choose; that requires far fewer reeds and energy and time to make. for example a “gather tray” that takes 3 reeds and 20 seconds to create and uses 1 or 2 energy per craft… you know that the “tray” is a disposable item and is quick and cheep to make so CXP gain should be nominal like 1 or 2 CXP tops for crafting.

I’m not sure where you are coming from. Does a full field not yield 10 harvests? According to that math you are suggesting one field would require 2 baskets at 50 durability each.m?

Surely, that is not correct. Not even a large field has 100 gathers?

I don’t use fields. Do they not operate the same as the herb plots and the vineyard?

Are you saying they use all 20 durability for 1/10 gathers?

It would seem a bit odd that they would operate in a completely different way than all other farmable plots.

Does it currently take 10 baskets to farm a field if I understand the issue correctly?

Maybe the earlier idea of creating the separate item for farming is the way to go.

Uses the same resources and same amount of time to craft and same energy expenditure but adjusts the harvesting time and uses 1 use to harvest the whole field at once to reduce the amount of clicking.

I’m not sure 10 minutes of time and the energy cost to make them is a huge strain on a field that can only be harvested once every 7 days?

If you reduce the reed usage significantly you’ll make them obsolete and strand the new players with no entry point.

yes a field does have 10 harvests , but no a 50 use basket would not be used for a field gather, each time a field is harvested it uses up 1 small basket, not 1 use of the basket but the entire basket. the basket becomes a 1 use expendable item as the system is currently. Yes the use a full 20 durability basket for each of the 10 times you “gather” in the field. the coding as it was explained by Temujin, is that a farm field requires a tool which is the sickle you equip, AND an item to place the goods in. in this case a small basket. each gather of the field uses 1 durability of the sickle and 1 entire basket. so for a full harvest of 10 gathers it uses 10 durability of the sickle and 10 full small baskets.

Ah I see now. How does that work? Do you attach multiple items at once? I didn’t think that was possible.

You attach a sickle AND a basket?

@Lilianath You don’t actually attach the basket, only the sickle. The basket gets used out of inventory like water does when you water a field or vineyard.

Ah, I see the problem more clearly now.

We did discuss artisans but the community was kind of against it: