[REQUEST] Bring weapon parts back to main store temporarily?

Would it be possible to get weapons grips and handles back in the main market? Drakkhis said folks were making them, but we haven’t found any. I got the impression that Dorian was the one doing most of the weaponsmithing in the game right now. Anyway, Vudon would like to have the opportunity to buy some so he can disassemble them to figure out how to make them.

Our smith has spent a long time working out how to do the existing parts and is missing a few. Disassembling a completed weapon will not give us the recipes we need, even if the completed weapons were actually for sale somewhere. Doing so would only tell us the parts, not the ingredients IN the parts. Dorian knows the components of a sword for example; what he’s missing are the ingredients for some components.


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Is @Vudon using the research tables to get the weapon part blueprints?

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Yes, he’s been using it. He said it told him he had them all when he went to claim the blueprints the last time but it did not prevent him from starting new research this morning, so there might be something new since the last time. He says he currently has 52 blueprints.

So his next step is using those blueprints on the engineering table and combining the correct ingredients.

If you have even 1 recipe from fishing you’ll have an idea of what the rest would be made of :slight_smile:

We’ve been able to make at least one of most things. However, we had been buying a specific item in the main market because its components were not available outside of monster drops that we were aware of. When that item was removed from the market, we didn’t know it until we went to get one to disassemble to see what its ingredients were.

I guess I just don’t understand the motivation for removing items that were already difficult to create or buy, and I don’t want to stir up a bunch of drama over what I think that motivation could have been. JMO.

The monsters drops have nothing to do with weapon building.

Monster drops are currently junk items.

Everything you need for weapons are available from gathering and smelting.

You need either 3 or 4 of the parts and need to bring those parts to a weapin bench to combine into a whole weapon.

I was unaware that wire and bone were gatherable items. Okay.

Oh. Nevermimd I am wrong then haha

You are correct there.

I’ve added bone to the huntable table, not only can you use them in weapons, but they have a bonus when researched in alchemy.

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