Player Run Quests

Is anybody interested in doing quests? I have some really cool ideas on how to integrate them into SL Colonies, but I don’t want to invest a lot of time setting them up if its not something people want to participate in.

I want to run some small ones to try and see if its interesting enough, but I have some ideas for some large ones too.

I don’t know if this would be controversial or not, but if its something people want to do I may set up a quest board where you can buy (in lindens) the starting information for the quests and some clues perhaps on how to get started.

This would be used for things like

Buying more props, monsters, scenery, etc to be used in future quests

Prize support for people completing quests

Supporting buying more land for adventure zones

Maybe even rewarding players who want to participate in a role for the quest.

I have a thousand ideas but just want to see who would be into it before diving into putting them together.

I do have plans on integreating my DFC Quest system into SL Colonies when I have the time, Im thinking after the next Item Update… Will allow the Quest system to track Players gathering Items, Killing NPCs, and even turning in quest Items

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Further to this, I will add.

@drakkhis has a pretty neat Quest System which I used back in the day when my RPG sim was integrating Unity Maxim as its roleplay system.

Since then, and working together with @drakkhis, we’ve had the quest system on our list of things (along with his Dungeon System) that we will re-write and integrate fully into SLColonies.

@drakkhis has always had his own brand called Dragon Forge Creations, and his brand and SLColonies have formed a partnership with him as our developer for the system and since falling in love with the system as much as I had when we conceptualised it originally.

The old questing system will be updated to allow an owner to create any type of custom quest, and to fill their quest return points with any loot from their inventory as a reward.

Further to this, we will make it so that any action in the SLColonies system could be tracked upon receiving a quest, be that things like:

  • Killing monsters and/or huntables
  • Gathering items from gatherables and/or compass
  • Crafting specific items
  • Trading, using the market
  • Killing other players with PvP on

The sky will be the limit with this system and there’s so much we can do with it. We will make sure to have some good web controls available.

We plan on making the upstairs section of the main store more Dragon Forge Creations branded and more obvious for customers to realise that upstairs will be our products more geared towards ‘dungeoneering’ for sim builders.

This thing has been on our list for more than 2 years, as has the dungeon system which one of our clients has a demo up which you can go see, but is in no way completed or close to how we want that system to work with SLC.

I can create another topic about the dungeon system if you’d like to know more about what that will do and what you will be able to do as an owner of one.

why can’t I see deer and wolf in my NPC rezz area?

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Monsters and Huntables are two different systems with very different features.

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