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Alright, ladies & gents, we are needing to make an update to the way the cooking screen works. Those of you not familiar, this is what it looks like:

Cooking Screen

These issues likely do not occur much to a power player, as they will manage their inventory by keeping it empty and putting everything into storage containers; only taking ingredients out on a need basis. This is especially the case in larger communities with shared storage locations.

But, for the regular player that has 50 items in their inventory slots, the bottom of the screen where you scroll for ingredients to use in cooking appears to be endless, and there are a few issues with the way it currently works:

  • The scrolling to the right and left is not natural for a mouse wheel, and if a large inventory, takes forever to scroll right to left to find your ingredient.
  • If we don’t have an icon placeholder for an ingredient, it’s a blank square, and a lot of items look the same, making it difficult and time-consuming to find the ingredient you are looking for.
  • You can’t see item names until you put your mouse cursor over them, which also adds to the time to find what you want.

We are in the process of re-designing the cooking screen to take care of these issues, but are interested in community input to see what issues you have come across with the cooking station as it is currently, and how you think we could make it better for the end-user?

I don’t do a whole lot of cooking so my input is somewhat limited.

I haven’t had too many issues, but it does seem to feel clunky scrolling left and right. Sometimes it doesn’t want to respond and I have to try to grab the scroll bar just right multiple times.

I agree the limited set of icons can be confusing since so many of them look similar.
I work mostly with herbs and they all look very similar so its hard to differentiate what I’m looking at visually without mousing over it.

I mentioned this in another post, but it probably got buried somewhere as a tangent idea.

It would be nice to maybe have a little window to view the item specifically like an “Examine” feature. Show its icon/picture maybe its stats if you researched it but mainly its description. To my knowledge there isn’t a way to see the descriptions people write about their recipes they make.

It would be nice to see what flavor text people make up and show off. Its one of the creative points for people trying to make things.

Take for example Vudon’s Chicken Noodle soup.

I know he puts a lot of time into things he makes.

Have a picture of what it looks like rezzed maybe its stats if you know them, and his description.

Maybe he wrote about how to prepare it? The quality of his ingredients? What inspired him? Etc…

I’m working on an herb based recipe and its bothering me that I can’t write the perfect description for it yet. Even though only Tem and Drak will see it.

I think just another immersive idea to interact with your things other than plain text stat points.

I could be wrong and maybe that info is displayed somewhere, but I haven’t noticed it.

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I plan on having a feature like this implemented on the next round of Marketplace Upgrades.

Pictures of every item rezzed is a lot of work. And opening the system up to anyone using any UUID for a texture to show opens our system up to people placing adult content which requires a lot of moderation time, which we don’t have much of.

The descriptions are simplistic in our database with I’m sure a character limit. To get into more detail about players own recipes and methods would be ideal for players to create a mini roleplay blog of sorts.

Maybe thats something we can do. Offer free blog hosting to roleplayers for their adventures.

For sure though do the description and see how far you can push the character limit (@drakkhis- what is the character limit on description? And can they use enter and so forth in a description?), even if it’s not used right now, it is for sure going to be used in future. Starting with markets.

You don’t want your description to include methods and recipe though, as that will make it viewable to the public.

Well I don’t necessarily mean give away the exact amounts to give away my recipes but a description of how the ingredients are processed etc.

Trust me I already have it figured out I think :wink:

I’ve already got an idea though on how to make a little puzzle for people to solve if they want to know.

Thats not really a problem either when my idea will be made of multiple custom components.

If I worked it out correctly only one layer of custom ingredients is needed to prevent research of an item.

If I made say a recipe with say orange glazed salmon. Could take fish and orange glaze (custom recipe). Nobody can even reverse engineer orange glaze if I don’t put orange glaze on the market.

Even though they could reverse engineer snd see the salmon is made of fish and orange glaze.

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Correct. Unless someone figures it out or gets lucky enough to find a recipe for it through fishing. But as I have mentioned, due to the amount of recipes now being created, the likeliness of getting the exact recipe needed is already difficult.

You would need to sit all your online time fishing instead of playing, and do that every day to then get that days new recipe’s if you caught up.

Hmmm interesting. Is that how it works? Each day a random recipe is available for a message in a bottle?

Everyone that gets an MIB that day will receive the same?

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Everyone that gets an MIB that day will receive the same?

No I think he was trying to saay, that even if you were to Have Every Recipe in the system, you would still have to fish Every Day to get new ones that were developed that Day.

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