How player recipes work and Message in Bottles from Fishing

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No. When you fish you have a chance to catch ‘something’.

If you catch something, it can be a chance at fish, lobster, prawns and whatever else we add. And the lowest of those chances are to catch a message in a bottle.

When you rez a bottle and click on it, it will go through every known recipe in game and pick 1 to reveal to you in private chat (but not save to your recipe book). If you don’t take notice, or don’t take care where you store that recipe, you will never have the opportunity to get given that recipe again on that account.

Every time a player creates a new recipe, whether that be in cooking or alchemy (and soon dye station, brewing and butchering), it gets added to the list of recipes available to be obtained from clicking on a message in a bottle.

So, really, the chance of scoring the specific recipe you are looking for, considering how large the recipe database is getting, is actually slim.

Yes, if someone wants to commit every minute of their day to fishing and obtaining every recipe, they could. But the task is becoming more and more difficult as players keep creating new recipes, which makes it a task and a half with little reward for the fisherman. I’m not sure message in bottles have a value being sold in the marketplace currently.

For further protection on your part. If you do the multi layer technique in your recipes which actually adds realism, a player would need to obtain multiple of your ingredient recipes to finish a full dish which might be featured as a rezzable.

For example with your glazed salmon.

  • You have your glaze.
  • You have your glazed salmon.
  • You have your mashed potato or veg with a seasoning or other sauce, or you have special cut fries.
  • You then have the full dish of it all combined as a plate of finished ingredients.

You can do the same with drinks.

On a side note:
@Vudon needs to list his foods in the chef station in store. Theres 8 gold or so for him to claim.

There’s also water trays for purchase if you know how to make it and want some easy coin.

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I will add more fish species to fishing when I get back home shortly, that reminds me.

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I will remind him. :smiley:

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There should be enough coin in each vendor for 100 of each of his items. And as they sell (since they sell for more than purchased the vendor will have coin for even more).

Yeah, I know but it is taking time to gather all the ingredients for those 3 dishes, none of them are quick to make, but I am working on it, besides I have been really busy breaking all the stations you been working on, it ain’t easy breaking the cooking station 3 time in one day, or the storage chests or herb gardens and the entire menu naming system. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Keep breaking them. We fix them and make them better for it :wink:


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