Marketplace Owners

Marketplace owners, I need your help.

We are working on balancing the main market so that it cannot compete with sims marketplaces.

This means, we need the MAIN market to:

  • Cost more to purchase an item
  • Give less to order fulfillment

How can you help?

Please get in here or in discord and let me know which items you are selling in your marketplace and what your reasonable offers are. We will adjust the main market to offer less than what you are offering, and to sell the item at a higher price than what you are able to.

What will this do?
It’ll make player markets the go to location first, before attending the main market. Which will mean players markets will be able to compete on price and generate more trade and traffic.

One think i would suggest is to allow stuff for sale listed at markets to be listed for a longer period. Currently 4 weeks is max … maybe change to 4 months ?.

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All I am doing at the moment is seeing what the market price is and then lowering it by about 5 % or more. I had about 30 items listed, alot of items were selling very well. However, as soon as people could not mine for ores such as gold and silver, sales dropped to zero. I am assuming they traded in their ores in order to buy goods. I also wish I could list more than 5 items a day, it is very tiresome and hard to keep track of what I have already listed and haven’t. I agree with the other comment also about extending the listing time, 4 weeks is a little short. At one time I was selling so many energy potions I could not keep up, I could have raised my price but then I would have been more expensive than the Main Store. I am holding off selling many items at the moment simply because it is still in Beta, and mainly because you get charged a commission up front as soon as you list an item for sale, and you do not get refunded if the item does not sell in 4 weeks and is returned to you. So it is costing me more than any reward or profit I could make. I think once there are many markets, with many competing prices, this topic will be increasingly commented on. When I make a plough, the “profit margin” is so razor thin it is not even worth listing them for sale. I cant raise the price because it would more expensive than the Main Store. If any customers were aware I was charging more at my Market than at the Main Store, they would simply never return. Supply and demand will always rule, but I think it is a little early to start raising your prices at the Main Store.

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I think once sim owners start to understand economy and the possibilities of having their own coins, this will create their own internal supply & demand within their own RPG land as well.

I agree but also do not agree. Because our markets don’t really work like what World of Warcraft have, we could end up with listings so old from players that haven’t played in 3 months.

Yeah, it kind of works like World of Warcraft Auction Houses. You pay a commission to list items, I don’t remember if you get a refund if items don’t sell, will have to ask @drakkhis about that one.

The market is suppose to be the main tool for a ‘Merchant’ profession. Basically it’s their crafting station. They earn CXP for filling orders, and can level up to gain more market slots, so they can go around placing more orders around the various lands.

Well, I can adjust the pricing on the plough at the push of a button. You guys tell me what the fair rate in the main market would be that would allow you guys to compete with what you come across. If I need to raise the plough price by 100 coins more than what you can do, so be it. Same goes with the ‘buy’ price. If I am offering too many coins for them, I need to reduce it greatly so that you can offer more coins than ours and get the sales.

I seeded the market simply to allow sims with only 1 or 2 players to still be able to get resources they need. If sims are able to produce these easily, I do not need to have them listed in the main market and can even remove them.


How is this for a compromise…If you to suspend the commissions while in beta, even though I know at the moment they were lowered big time, more and more people will use the market as a vending tool to sell their excess wares, and we could get a better understanding of market forces. Or, be sure to refund the commission if a product does not sell in 4 weeks.

I was at the Mainstore today and bought a few items from the Market. I also went to the Fill Request and sold a few items I had completed and seemed to have an extra little bit of inventory of. It was an excellent way to get rid of my excess inventory and buy a few items I was in need of.
I did however notice a few things. 1) The purchase price of Beef portions was incredibly low at 3 coins. To make 100 beef portions, a person must buy or grow a cow over 7 days, slaughter it (using sharpness and durability on a knife which must also be replenished), then using a butcher knife go and make beef portions. Takes time and gives very little CXP. I bought a whole bunch cause it seemed to be alot easier. 2) Buying iron ore for 2 coins seems to be the best deal going. Normally, I go to a mine, usually fight off monsters, and if I am lucky I get 2-6 iron ore, yet I lose 25 CXP each time. So I cleaned out the mainstore of iron ore. If you replenish it please make it expensive considering what it takes to actually mine it.
I noticed a few more things but this forum will cut me off. I LOVE the idea of when a person moves from COLONIST to any Class, they get a “care package” of items to start them on their way.

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Hi @Sean_Oakley, thanks for the input.

When it comes to beef portions, all tool use costs are taken into account. Both slaughter and butchering. However, I do not take into account the initial cost of a animal as once you have the first you can breed them and trade them with other players, and I don’t take into account growing time. I do take into account their feeding cost to grow.

It is one of the limitations of my spreadsheet. I will be adding time cost based on the price of a full prim sim straight from LL. Prims on land and cost per minute to have that item on land doing its thing. Based on value of coins at the ATM. But it’s not on my high priority list currently.

I am still deciding which way to go with the main market. To relist everything and reprice everything more accurately will be a large time taker. But we can also remove many of the items (in particular coin seeds) to hand over economy back to the community as it should be.

How do you lose CXP when mining and fighting monsters?

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It might even be the case that you put a very limited number of the in demand items at the beginning of each week on the market. Not enough to fill the hole, but enough for people to minimally sustain.

Even then you will probably have one or two hawks that wait to snatch those up and turn around for a quick profit.

Maybe have a thread where each person can submit an order and pick maybe 2 or 3 items that you can supply to them specifically at an inflated cost.

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