Rebuilding the Main Market

I’d like to unlist everything on the main market temporarily.

What does everyone think about this idea:

We unlist everything on the main market, so all prices are clear.
You guys let me know which items are impossible to come by in others markets.

I understand a lot will go missing at first and currently a lot of markets are indeed empty but hear me out here.

If we leave everything in the market as is currently, there’s no demand or price competition for others to bother listing their own products. It will encourage other sims to make tools and all that stuff.

If I unlist it all, it gives people the opportunity to start stocking their markets up with things they know will now be in demand.

As we go, we will list items that are not in stock enough to keep you all going and we will use these forums to monitor that.

It’ll also give us the opportunity to watch the Merchant class and see what we can do to make it work better for those players with trade slots etc.


  • Do It
  • No, don’t do it

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This needed to be a post of its own. We only discovered things were going missing when we needed them. This is the first I’m seeing of this conversation. We mostly use the main market to get what we can’t produce, and to compare costs to get at least a rough idea of what we will need to ask for our goods.

Maybe you could bump this out to a separate topic? More people might see the poll then. :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m in favor. It will be a painful growing experience, but I think is necessary to turn it over to the players completely at some point.

It will allow supply and demand to work correctly.

Even with the price increases on the Main Market if someone has a 100 gold its no problem for them to buy something at the main market for 50 coin instead of a player for 25.

So there’s a tool that people need, but isn’t available on the market? That creates a huge advantage for a few players who can supply that.

Its also the fact that yes, if someone can afford they just come to main market and don’t bother to shop around. Which means no demand.

And the fact there are 99,000 of each item available mostly.

I agree that the main market needs to be phased out but I am not quite sure we’re ready for that yet. On the other hand, maybe it’s a rip-the-bandaid-off situation.

I think its a rip it. Empty it. Watch what happens and only add what the community is having too much of a difficult time getting themselves through trade and other markets.

Leaving it as is, ppl just automatically come to main market and dont check the others. And ppl would add fill orders to their own markets when they can fill the requests at main market and make coin instantly.

Trying to edit everything that is there would be more work than tearing it clear and rebuimding from scratch on an as required basis.

I’m ok with tearing it all down at once, but I’m sure there will be pushback because its super convenient.

I have another idea, but I will message it to you in world later.

Yeah. Its the convenience that is the killer of supply and demand currently.

And you as players will be able to seed that market with your own items. So it’d be just as conveneint as still being the main market ppl will first check out, so you would want to list as many of your things on there to sell.

Same with requests. We would find that market will very quickly have multiple requests for items as well.


I will clear the main market on Friday.

This gives everyone this week to prepare items they want to seed into the market and allows everyone to prepare to put in request orders for items they know they are most reliant on.

Make sure you purchase enough of what you believe you need most because, on Friday, the market will be cleared of anything which was seeded by SLColonies account or other staff accounts if any.

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Does this include the CXP market or only the coin market?

Only the main market using slc coin will be affected.

Weapon store, cxp and patron stores will not be touched.

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so a good time to stock up on those items at the market then before it goes lol. but hopefully other items will start appearing on the market


Thats the idea. Hopefully it will start stimulating other people to produce more things for the markets.

As a butcher would be nice to be able to sell more, trade more

The market has now been cleared and the system is totally reliant on its player base!