In-store discounts!

I had already reached the 10% discount level on all purchases in the store! The 10% no longer appears, only 5% using the group! Is everything ok like this??

Yes, as announced:

This is part of our rolling changes to the Market HUBS, the ATM (going soon) and improvements to our Patreon membership.

Patrons get the discounts, and all discounts have already been passed on to them:

  • Seedling: 10%
  • Craftsman: 20%
  • Explorer: 25%
  • Master Builder: 50%

The frustration of this loss we even support, I think, after all, we are in the SLC at our own risk. This shouldn’t get out of anyone’s head.
However, it is a little too much to deprive people who purchase transferable products from others who are leaving SLC of support and warranty. Those who buy “used” not only need it, but it helps keep the wheel turning. I myself was forced to get rid of practically everything for personal reasons, and you yourself helped me, indicating some people. Are the people you referred to me without guarantee of their objects, that is, stations, collectibles, etc, all transferable? Because today, when I returned as much as possible, I was deprived of my guarantee. I probably discovered a BUG, I had unnecessary expense, and I’m here helping to keep the wheel turning, upset, but I am. The previous owners of things I bought outside the store, from third parties, paid full price in the store, I did not buy or create copies myself, you do not suffer any harm.
Finally, I think it’s very courageous to put non-Patreons as second class, long live capitalism, the rich richer and the poor poorer, and you don’t even have to be poor and in fact, you just don’t want to be Patreon to be punished with these changes.
Good luck to everyone.

In terms of buying used items, there is no issue with that at all.

We will make a station that you will be able to bring items you have purchased off someone else, rez it nearby and it will check that the scripts have not been messed with or pulled out of the original prim created by SLC. In return, it would give you an exchange of the original station and original mesh as it were intended. But you would lose the mesh that was changed by whoever you bought it from if that were the case.

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