[Idea] Possible Loot Tables

So this goes along with a few things I asked about the other day. The possibility of adding our own custom loot onto monsters.

  1. I’m not sure about other stations, but maybe the fishing. Being able to stock it with our own fish? Might give reasons to visit different fishing areas. I can see trout being a higher chance of getting in my small stream or maybe bass in Crimson Hollow’s large lake. Not an automatic loot table but we could add them from our own inventory and adjust the percentage like the monsters.

Say I wanted trout to be there and it ran out then it could just default back to fish only.

  1. Another little project I discussed with Drakkhis the other day. I don’t know if that was passed on to Temujin, but I threw out the idea of integrating Colonies with some non SL C things via quests.

Any chance of getting maybe an invisible device that can give out a piece of loot that has an adjustable chance of giving out something I put in it?

I would pay $L 1000 like the monsters to be able to put several little rezzers like that down

For example if someone clicks on this piece of flora that I covered with this device it can give them say a nightshade or something that I put in it.

I think it could create interesting ways to make an endless array of harvestable areas.

No new items would be created, the owner would have to stock it themselves.

I guess this would basically just be a vendor that doesn’t require a dialogue box input asking for money.

Thinking about it probably closer to what you have for the monsters just without the monsters. Would need to be able to set the delay so someone couldn’t just repeatedly click snd empty it out.

You’d also want a random respawn location and/or timer, otherwise, that’s likely to be what would happen.

We were thinking of doing something like this and even tinkered with some ideas (we were using crystals to set in the mines). The loot items obviously were not SLC ones, but adding that kind of thing to the SLC system isn’t a bad idea in my opinion. The coding was beyond our combined skill level and we got distracted being food guinea pigs.

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I had actually asked Vudon if you guys would be interested in playing a part in my little test quest for Crimson Hollow.

I don’t want to say too much public and gove away any details.

Part of it was me tinkering with basic LsL scripts and I think I can make something that would work for things outside SL C

For what I want it for it wouldn’t necessarily be worth their time to try to get everything because it would just be a clue with some info and story to move to the next part. And some kind of trinket to give back to me to prove they did it.


Yep. That’s almost exactly the process we were looking at doing. We toyed with it for a while when the system development paused a while back, but once Drakkis started getting jazzed on it again and stuff started to happen every week, we got sidetracked.

He mentioned that you’d discussed it with him. It sounds like fun to me.

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Maybe once I can flesh out the idea a little better we can meet and I can share with you what I want to do.

I have an idea that can really benefit the system as a whole I think.


When I first read this I was not interested in the idea. It would require recoding of everything to allow the addition of custom items inside and actually require a lot of customisation.

This here makes more sense to me and is something we can offer.

We can make an invisible, modifiable prim with a special script inside. You can adjust the size of the prim, link it as master prim to any of your own mesh and turn your own items into gatherables.

As the owner of the copyable item, you can set respawn locations around your sim and load any SLC items from your inventory into it.

Through a web control panel, you would be able to set a few things:

  • Set the gathering time required to sit there to gather
  • Tool required to gather that item, if any
  • Regeneration time to set how long the item will remain invisible after gathering before returning.
  • Loot chance (chance of getting nothing, like when fishing, or setting it to 100% to always get something from its loot table)
  • Loot table configuration. From items you have input into the gatherable as an owner, you play with the loot table. You set the ‘weight’ of the item (the higher the number, the higher the chance of getting it), and the amount ‘min’ and ‘max’ that they can loot of that item if they roll it.

When an item in the loot table is emptied, the owner will get a notification.

This also brings us to another idea. Which would be to offer the same thing though non-copy, for crafting stations. You would get a package containing station scripts and a sitting pose ball which you can link to the master prim if you want the station to require sitting animation on your land. Instructions would include how to add sounds and animations.

You could wrap the item around any of your mesh, you’d not be able to drag the scripts out and place into your mesh due to protection requiring you to be a creator of the system. You can link your mesh to the master prim though and this would not break the scripts.

As the owner, you could be able to set the ‘station type’ from any of the stations we have in the system. Though you would not be able to change the station again without admin intervention to prevent people owning one of these and just changing the station type to use 1 prim to make everything.

You’d not get options with the stations to change how they work or what you get etc. But you can build stations that match your region’s theme.

Limitations with this might be updating scripts and version control. If we added those to items. And obviously, we’d decide if such a system could be transferrable to allow others to make themed stations for sale on the marketplace for sim owners. Since they’d be no copy, you’d have to buy more stock to sell more etc.

Anyway, just ideas when it comes to the custom stations.

On top of this.

We could offer patrons the ability to request custom ingredient be added to the game.

Eg: sim owner wants fresh water fish to add to their gatherables. We add that fish type with stats etc, and you can purchase that item using your platinums or slc coin to stock up your gatherables.

Though we would reserve the right to add that item to our own systems or loot tables should we feel it is something that should be available across the board.

That was a bit more than what I was thinking but sounds i credibly useful. I love the idea.

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I’ve added the above to the project timeline.

Player created ingredients, a platinum item to allow ingredients to be added into it for gathering and a platinum station prim.

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