[IDEA] Patron Created Ingredients

Continuing the discussion from [Idea] Possible Loot Tables:

How about adding a feature for all patrons on the website where you can ‘create’ any ingredient or raw material and add it to our database?

You name the item.
You set all its stats.

To create it will cost you Platinum based on what stat attributes you apply to the item. Eg, for every point positive or negative in any stat will increase the creation cost by x platinum.

The item is then added to the database and added to main platinum shop where you can purchase your player made item for platinums. The cost would be based on the original creation cost divided by a certain amount.

You can then add that item to cooking or alchemy or to a custom gather script as discussed in [Idea] Possible Loot Tables - #6 by TemujinCalidius.

NOTE: We as developers reserve the right to add items to loot tables in the main system. It would not give you exclusive ownership of anything in our database.

This has been added to our project timeline as an upcoming feature.

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