Idea: Permanent Rezzable Campfire

This might already be possible, I’m not sure how this occurred. Currently, when I am finished with a campfire and stand up, the fire de rezzes.

At one point in time (not sure how this occurred, but may have been a bug) the campfire that I had rezzed stayed persistent in the world. It remained until I picked it up again and then I was never able to replicate this.

Would be nice to have a permanent fire with multiple seats so that other people could utilize this and sit together rather than have 3 separate campfires oddly huddled next to each other.

Possible addition to the furniture crafting to add 1,2,3, or 4 seat builds.

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good idea, i hate it when the campfire derezzed itself. please take out the temporary, thanks

I could add it. Though not sure we’d need to make various ‘types’ of campfire settings. The campfire is just a simple cooking station with access to 2 recipes, and the chair is something we will add to the carpenter.

So it would make sense to make various types of chairs for the carpenter station once the furniture is added to the system, and you can pick however many you want to place around the campfire.

Not sure where we would put the ‘crafting’ of the campfire though which would suit a profession. Since it’s just rocks and logs really and a firestarter?

We don’t have the ability to craft things without a crafting station (ie: just making things by hand).

I could add the actual campfire on its own as a cheap item in the store as a craftable for those that want to place permanent campfires around (maybe L$100?). It could come with chairs in the package (4). And once the furniture is added to carpentry we will just remove the chairs from the package, so you have to make them?

That makes sense.

It just looks strange to have 3 or 4 people sitting with their own campfire right next to each other rather than having just one.

Its not really about the campfire itself. Its just about having a way for multiple people to recover without looking silly.


I’ve added this in a list of things I’ll release in the coming weeks.