[Idea] Market Stacks

Any chance being able to set a “stack” as a sellable item at once as a package deal instead of individual units? It would allow greater variances in different markets.

To be able to do different sales.

Such as 1 reed at 2 copper
10 reed at 15 copper
and buy 100 reed at 50 copper for a deep discount

You as the seller have the ability to sell at 1 or in stacks already. You set the price to whatever you like.

You can go to a market and sell different stack sizes and price them as you wish.

We don’t need to be setting that in force by the system.

Oh I see what you mean. When you set a price its per unit.

You want it so you could set a minimum purchase in your sales.

You put a stack of 100 if you want and say you can buy a MINIMUM of 20 and that is their unit price if you hit that minimum.

Or your way, you can buy stacks not units.

I think setting a minimum purchase qty would be easiest.

And a way for a seller to “top up” their sales orders and requests. Which in turn increases their expiry too.

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I like the idea of being able to bundle items like this. I wouldn’t think it would be difficult to enable, since the CXP market already does it with seeds (2 for 1). To scale it, you would just do a separate listing for each bundle.

Yes, that is correct. To sell multiple units as one purchase.

I prefer how Eve Online do its market, and that game is well known for having the best player-run economy and market in the industry.

Having it your way @Lillith where you list multiple stacks could lead to a mess of things? Multiple listings of single stacks.

You could have 1 large stack of 100 and tell the system you pay x coin per x qty. And you buy 1 or 5 stacks directly from that listing.

Or, you set 100 items, and you have a minimum qty you need to commit to in a single purchase before you get the discounted rate.

It’s the same with fill requests. You could offer a better rate for people selling to you a minimum qty at a time instead of 1 at a time.

Either way works of course.

World of Warcraft Auction House Screen

In this image, you see most are single items, and the last one, the Darkmoon Firewater has 3 qty available. But no stack price, which would be nice.

Screen of Eve Online Marketplace

Obviously, this screen is much more advanced and shows you direct competition in each market. Not how we want our market screens to look (I personally like the feel of the WoW auction houses but want to use a blend of what Eve has in terms of flexibility with fees and owner control etc). But you can see on the left you pick the item (and items not in that market are filtered out), and on the right, you see the listings, qty, prices and when the listing will expire. You as the person who listed your items for sale or purchase can adjust your listing pricing as you wish and compete with other listings live.

Contract screen for ‘stacks’ of items for purchase or sell.

Eve Online has then taken it further when you want to do what you are saying @Lillith. They have a ‘contract’ system that is separate from the market. You list a ‘stack’ of items, whatever they are (think of it as a container of items), it can contain a single stack or multiple stacks of different items within. You list your price and the pickup location.

You can also do the same with request contracts. You want a stack of items or a bunch of items and this is what you will give in return for completing that order.

I think we could do all this with our market system? (just formatted nicer)
When you visit a market, the screen on the left lists all items with a listing associated with it. When you click an item, it will list all sellers and buyers of that item in that market. You can buy directly from there, sell directly from there, or create buy and sell orders directly from there.

The main market in-store, instead of listing just what’s in that one market, will list what’s in every market in-game and will teleport people to that region when they are interested in buying. The main market will not list its own items.

Now, in terms of ‘contracts’, eve online goes one better. It does not only allow you to set a ‘price’ in currency, but contracts allow you to set up trade requests. You can tell the system, I will give you 50 wheat flour if you provide me with 100 wheat. Do you want a stack of 50 wheat flour? I will take x coins, or in another contract, I will take 100 wheat. Or perhaps I will accept 90 wheat and 10 coins, whatever you wish.

We could build contracts into the markets in a tab just as easy, and that will have the features you are asking for? The same thing in the main market, it can list all contracts available in-game and teleport the player to the respective area to go make their purchase and claim their items.

That’s actually much more complex than what I had in mind. :smiley: I’m not familiar with either of those (WoW by name and the occasional screenshot, Eve Online not at all), so I’ll trust you on the details of their markets. They look a bit overwhelming in the screenshots, but I don’t doubt I could work with a system based on one or both. As far as the interface, well, the WoW one is prettier.

I see what you mean about multiple small stacks now though, and yes, I can see that happening. I do like the idea of being able to look at the marketplace listing and search for an item, reeds, for example, and see every location that has them, how much they are, how many they have, and if SLC builds in the commitment/contract idea, a very brief description of terms for discounts. Along with the LM, obviously.

So you answered my questions for the moment. I am not sure if you covered what @Lilianath was going for or not.

On a related note, once you get the market assembled and skinned and functioning the way you want it, I suggest doing a YouTube tutorial on it. I suspect there are going to be a lot of questions. Right now, it’s not as difficult as I expected to list things, but I can see where it might be easy to make costly mistakes later on as it develops.

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Yep I see what you’re saying.
Would just need a way to indicate to the buyer what the prices/quantities are

images (32)

We wouldhave a popup screen that shows what you pay and what you get in return.

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We’ve added this idea into the design concept of the new market rebuild.

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