Unlisting of Markets?

So I bought a market today and rezzed it out. Is there a way to delist it from the site? I’m not ready to start using it yet and I don’t want to add one more empty market to the clutter.

No, markets are a global item and pop up when they are rezzed. Markets have no ability to be set to private.

Its not a matter of being a private market its a matter of coming back to the previous issue in another thread of populating the website with a ton of inactive markets to sift through. As the system grows it will be a huge problem.

It will just be cumbersome to have 10 active markets and 20-30 inactive ones of players who may never even return to SL C for whatever reason.

It also raises the problem is there is no way to return to a private region if I want to do something different with my land.

I really do think there should be a way to delist your market once its picked up off the land.

I didn’t see any indication anywhere that once a market is rezzed it is permanent. If I had known that would never have rezzed it yet. I just wanted to tinker around with it.

I figured the market was only active as long as it sits out.

It also raises another potential problem. Its transferable.

So my market gets sold to someone else and they sell it to someone else and it gets traded to 5 people. What happens then?

Will all 5 regions maintain a market listing with the url (because it doesn’t seem to be able to be unlinked) but yet there is only one physical market in world?

The market listings update automatically at a given interval.

The website sends out pings to markets and region servers.

If its picked up and not on land, itll end up being removed from the listing automatically.

If it stays rezzed it will stay listed.

Markets are intended to be global, therefore there is no way to make a market private and off the listongs even though it’s rezzed out.

If it’s transferred, the UUID of the market is assigned to its new owner on rez. They can rename it and it will update the listing to where it has been rezzed.

My market is still listed on the site. It hasn’t been rezzed out since last night. Unless its a 24 hour interval

@drakkhis could we check the server cron job on market listings? Is it checking greater than 24 hours or something not working?

Its actually 3 days, I wanted to acount for the weekend, and the possibility for a Market just not responding because of lad for a day

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