[IDEA] Market Owner Listing Limitations

I was wondering the reason behind a market owner only being able to list 5 items a day? We were setting up the market in Crimson Hollow and had stocked up all the items and tools and weapons we were going to list in the market there and we began filling the market and it stopped Dorian from adding items at 5? Is there a reason for limiting the owner of a market to adding only 5 types of items a day? we have close to 30 items we were going to list.


Market listing limits are set by profession, not by owner. Just like crafting stations are limited by level and profession (no matter if you are the owner) the market is also limited. You get more slots as you level up the merchant profession.

It is an idea worth considering though, to have no limitation specifically for the market owner in this case - to encourage a sim owner to fill up their market for RP.

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I think it really needs to be set so that there’s no limit for the market owner. The owner doesn’t get any cxp for trades or orders, and in groups without a merchant, like Crimson, there wouldn’t be a market, otherwise.

ETA Thanks for taking the listing fee off, by the way! That helps a lot.

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This has been added to our release timeline with our full market rebuild.

We plan on giving more controls over to market owners, such as setting fees and having a minimum fee built-in which goes into the system if an owner sets it to 0 (we’ll call it a fee that goes to the main network market which will be built with this upgrade).

You’ll be able to see transaction logs on the website and more.

Further discussions coming when we start to work on it.


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