[Idea] Death, it tickles a little

So I’ve died a few times. Mostly because I wasn’t paying attention. Tp into a sim and it set me to flying and I didn’t notice etc… things I should pay attention to.

From what I can tell there’s no real penalty. Pop some food, sit at a campfire a few moments and good as new. It should sting at least enough to strongly deter dying.

In other systems you don’t want to die ever. In one of my other systems as time passes you gain potency, a sort of currency you need for various things. If you die? Gone, all gone.

I feel like there should be some sort of penalty to make it significant.

The question is what would be appropriate for this system? A loss of currency? Not sure this is effective because it can just be stored in crates.

Maybe half of everything in your inventory gets lost?

Possibly a 24-48 hour respawn timer?

Not real easy to die now, but with dungeons and npc’s and stuff down the line it’ll come into play.

People should think more carefully about diving into a dungeon to die and pop right back up.

Idunno the solution for this system, but I think some kind of penalty should be in play.

I think a reasonable “penalty” for dying would be to lose a stat point somewhere. It’s not hideously hard to get it back (if you want to) but it has an effect on pretty much everything else you do until you go to the main store to get it restored. It also doesn’t offer any incentive for people to around PVPing each other in hopes of looting a corpse.

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Eh I would argue that doesn’t offer much of a penalty.

5 points off the stamina bar? That’s not much of a deterrent. You wouldn’t even know its missing. One should have a reason to be cautious and not die.

A stat point off each. I could buy that.

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It does affect more than just 5 points off the stamina bar, and going forward will probably have more of an impact as different activities develop. Right now Strength and Dexterity both affect weapons damage (ST for melee weapons, DX for bows). That alone might be incentive for some people to avoid dying.

I could almost get behind losing a point across the board except that the cost to recover them could be pretty intense. Assuming you have 3 stats at 10+ and 3 stats below 10, it’s going to cost you about 8,000 CXP to get back to where you were (assuming 1 point lost across the board). It might represent months of work for some classes, so might be something people might consider before doing stupid things. (The other sticky part here is also wrapped up in the profession–some can get 8k CXP in a few hours so it wouldn’t be a deterrent for them).

Sure, there are players that’s not going to matter to at all, and they just won’t bother to get those stat points back until they get super low, because yes, it’s fairly easy to recover if you’re fatigued or out of energy…but it’s pretty inconvenient, too.

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Nope, I have to disagree, this all goes back to sims being able to force someone into PVP mode. As was discussed in another post you either do not go to those sims or you take a chance on being killed and then what? You lose half your stuff? Lose months worth of stats and CXP? Lose your coin? So what happens to the stuff you lose? The person who killed you get it? Super bad idea, now you are incentivizing people attacking for no reason? Just because you went to a sim that forces PVP on and some shmuck decides to attack you? You are penalizing someone for what not being good at combat? Some people have no choice but to come to different sims, like the merchant class; so what happens to them? They have to enter a sim that forces PVP and now they are penalized for getting killed? NO, sorry it’s a bad idea to penalize someone for getting killed.


This has nothing to do with combat. You realize there are a LOT of ways to die that have nothing to do with pvp.

If there is no penalty for it, might as well just remove it from the system all together. What purpose does it serve?

If there is no purpose to dying no purpose in the idea of being a survival game.

Those two things kind of go hand in hand…

If you don’t consider it a survival rpg might as well take out stats all together then and turn it into just another farming HUD.

Why lose health at all? Oh look… I’m dead. Let me just pull out a chicken sandwhich and continue on like nothing happened.

On the other point I’m not sure why you are so vehemently opposed to a sim owners ability to run their own sim in the manner that they so choose.

You have the ability to run yours as you see fit you should extend that same courtesy to others.

Its really no different than your ability to ignore other content and areas in Second Life that you don’t like.

Its an option.

And no a merchant doesn’t have to go anywhere they don’t want to go.

So there is something on a market in a risky zone that you want? Either get it or don’t.

Your argument sounds akin to trying to force everyone ELSE to play they way you think they should. I can’t agree with that.

I’m not even sure where this is coming from. Its almost as if you have this idea that if you set foot outside of crimson hollow you will automatically be killed every time you try to tp anywhere.

Progeny is an open combat 24/7 grid wide. You can be attacked by anyone for any reason. There is a portion of the population that just want to pvp and roam around looking for people.

You know how many times I’ve died? Zero because its easy to avoid a fight you don’t want to engage in.

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I will chime in here while conversation continues.

Currently we dont have death implemented .

We have unconscious, which actually will occur in future when you hit about 10% health and you will go in and out ofnit.

At 0% health you wont be able to eat anything or consume anything to come back. You will need another player to come and revive you. Such as a spell caster casting a revive spell or someone bringing you back.

And the use of medical beds will likely be a necessity to get you back to a certain point.

I’ll also add that pvp enforced sims will 100% be happening in future. My own sims will be enforced PvP and Im not about to tell sim owners what they can and can’t do.

Id also much rather a pvp sim use slcolonies on full, instead of have slcolonies just for farming and enforce a secondary meter just for pvp purposes.

I suck at pvp and my ping rates in australia into american second life sims puts me at disadvantage. Put me in tournaments and I will lose.

I enjoy the thrill of being in a PvP zone as I have to be more cautious of what I do and how I react with other players in RP.

Even in world of warcraft as a pretty bad pvper I would play through on PvP servers.

The argument for bad computers andbad ping rates is the same in RP zones for language barriers and one liners and para roleplayers.

Its a choice and that choice is given to the region owner who pays the monthly tier on their land, not mine.

If I dont like what I read on entry (roleplay rules, combat rules and what not) I make a choice to go further, or not and I live with those choices.

A sim has enforced RLV, sex and rp slavery? Its my choice to enter or not. If I enter, I play by their rules. In no way will SLColonies step in and tell a sim they cant be that way and must adhere to our own rp standards.

If a sim wants everyone to never be out of character and must para rp, thats also their own rules that you as a visitor accept or not on entry.

If you ignore a sim owners rules, you likely end up banned.

SLColonies does not set the rules for sims and never will.

NOTE: Apologies, I may have started to make this thread go off topic. I will split it if this occurs so we dont take away from the original post.


The way you explained it makes sense to me.

I like the idea of having another much needed player interaction as a healer or whatever they may be called.

Maybe its not a healer profession, but a craftable revive item or however you have it worked.

I didn’t know there was something else planned for it.

With a health warning at 10% or so. I like that idea.

Most fighting in SL is also so slow and clunky that its not like you’re going to get jumped on a tp and be dead before you rez in.

Its fun, but SL isn’t really optimized for it so its really not that efficient to begin with.

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I actually agree with you Temujin and as a sim owner it is refreshing to hear a system creator understand that we have to pay for the sim and the system it’s easier to let us manage the sim and issues that arise.

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I don’t know it did have its own health system which means they thought of combat being a thing in SL.

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Well yes, it is a thing.

I’m just saying its not optimized for combat as such and its pretty hard to kill someone in melee combat especially.

It usually looks like two people glitching around the screen swinging into the air.

Even using a follower HUD to latch on to someone is extremely hard to hit someone who is moving around.

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You just have to understand the raycast or collision systems in SL.

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Trust me…

When you’re trying to bite someone and you both have speed boost on, flying through the air, faster than you can respond to because you are both using a follower, AND repelling shield, turning one way or the other causes you to lose your bite grip, all the while draining .02 liters of blood every few seconds needing to drain 6 liters of blood to finish your opponent off while each of you are also refilling your blood reserves with each bite. Most slayings only happen if you catch someone unaware of your presence.

99.9% of fights end in a stalemate generally speaking.

CCS is the same thing wildly swinging weapons around while dancing around randomly out of their reach.

If I wanted to immerse myself in an actual fighting game it would not be SL lol

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Lol ccs think I am lvl 128 or so in it anyways biting someone like using A&D isn’t really combat in my eyes and I never liked those systems it was boring and poorly thought out in my opinion to begin with.

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I am not opposed to a sim owner choosing to force PVP on their sim, I just think it will harm their play and overall interaction through out the game, but like you said it’s their choice, and others can and most likely will avoid those sims. What I am saying here is why penalize someone for getting killed? you say there are other ways to die besides PVP, ok sure what monsters? You can run from those and they have a set follow distance before they go away. Huntable Wolves, same you can run from them. ok poisoning yourself attempting to make the alchemy, sure and lets make it a punishment to experiment to find useable worth while recopies, but after the first time you should have learned that you need antidotes handy. So that leaves PVP, you are not running away on a sim if the person attacking you knows what they are doing, you magically teleport away, that’s an option but that would be breaking PR and taking a cheat to escape. I know it can be argued your character has some magical or innate ability to vanish, but do they? how many races does that include? yes you can justify almost anything if you try hard enough, but the point here is that if you do not break character or choose a race with some innate ability to simply vanish you can be attacked and killed, and in doing so you will be punished for getting killed through no effort or fault of your own. That is the point I am making.
But I am curious just what this easy way of avoiding dying is. you talk about speed boosts, and followers, and shields, none of that is in this system, as to CCS I havent been in it since the CCS was talking about doing a CCS2 but I killed plenty of people when I was in CCS and plenty well above my level back then, there was no super jumpers allowed, no speed boosts allowed, etc. and as far as I have seen in the docs here its not in SLC either.

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You can absolutely get a shield or speed boost hud. I can recommend some for you.

However, depending on the combat system the creator may ban third party tools from being used while utilizing their own. I’ve not seen Drak or Temujin make reference to this one way or another yet.

They aren’t specific to the system. It will keep you from being physically bumped or touched or automatically evade a physical bump. Or even auto move you away when someone gets within a certain proximity of you.

Yes, tp’ing somewhere else.

I’m not sure how you could make the argument that is just game breaking because it can’t be justified in RP.

I’m sure you don’t walk to each sim across the mainland to visit markets.

I think you’re just being obtuse on that point lol.

There’s a lot more people that enjoy pvp than you think. I don’t think it will kill off all the sims.

Of course there are some people that avoid it. Most people will probably be indifferent and some people will come because of the ruleset.

Like I said other systems I play that are 24/7 grid wide have 20k+ players and is far more common than you think.

Its just that vampires typically keep to the shadows.

Oddly enough the biggest battlegrounds are Truth Hair and Freebie Galaxy.

You’ll see all kinds of fights there right under you nose, but you probably won’t even realize what is happening :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re also forgetting a major point of control for unrestricted pvp.

You still have to have some kind of weapon which is ungodly expensive. I am not even close to being able to afford one.

So thats a whole lot of effort for trolls to invest in the system just to get shunned by everyone for bad behavior.

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I think unless it directly interferes with your stats such as hunger and thirst and energy, no real need for us to put out any bans.

I know you can fly without actually using the SL fly system and avoid energy consumption and speed boost or whatever but you are still being charged when crafting and gathering with those tools on.

I think systems like that which block hits coming in and such, Im not sure they effect our ranged weapons as youd need to be listening to our specific channels, and we use raycast instead of collision. You could shield up and bump melee pvp away.

Again though, no need for us to police those things. It’s a sim owner specific issue to manage and moderate. Unless it’s specifically cheating the system and affecting our database and personal inventories and currency (slc coin).

Even my flying HUD still consumes energy. Thats how I die. I always forget I have the meter running lol.

The speed booster I only use in specific situations because its way too fast to just walk around with. Its mostly for wide open areas and to escape.

I’m not sure how it affects energy. It may not because I don’t think you are technically running.

No, I think you’re right since your ranged bows aren’t physical it probably wouldn’t affect that, but the melee combat yes, you can bump someone away when they get inside a proximity to you.

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Well that is a punishment in using those tools there is no need to be using them in a system that encourages close range and what about those planing on doing raids into others lands? yes they have to be planned out but one empire at war with another their soldiers would recieve a punishment just for doing what they are suppose to do.

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I’m not advocating one way or the other. I’m just saying if you absolutely positively detest combat to the point that you want no part of it.

You can easily skirt it with those tools.

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