Idea about removing items from Inventory

I have noticed a few times with removing unwanted inventory f.e. coins from other colonies. I know you have an option with recipes to remove/delete which no one really wants to do :stuck_out_tongue: from the website. Was wondering if that is also appliable to inventory?

We have the ability to remove inventory items from the hud here:

We could just as easily add that option to the inventory on the meter website though. But we have other ideas for oater which requires you to be in world.

See here:

Includes the items dropped being able to be stumbled upon by players walking around. Perhaps a bag that rezzes from a region server and sits where you dropped your items. Or something similar.

After a certain amount of time, the bag would vanish, and so would the items.


awesome, I didn’t know. thank you Temujin. :slight_smile:

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I was thinking of something like this recently but more like the compass items, where the dropped items would be hidden until stumbled upon. people could drop/hide items around for people to go hunting for them on their land, to promote more exploring. the server rezzed bag idea tho is good, and probably easier to program.


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