[IDEA] Trash/Drop Option

So, while I was mulling over how the market is working and how there’s the potential for folks to use the market hubs as trash bins, I had a thought about it.

What if you could choose to “Drop” an item (actually, it would be better to drop a stack)? It would get it out of your inventory, and give you an immediate option for lightening your load if you’re overburdened? It’s a realistic response. Cool, right? It gets better…maybe.

What if players could choose to “Drop” items, and those items were added to the random loot table? I think that would be all kinds of fun! You’re walking along, and you suddenly find this huge pile of fish. Or the world’s largest ball of twine.

I’m not sure if you could add a unique item (like a stack of 23 prawns) that came from the Drop option to a randomized list, though, and have it purged once it’s been given. Of course, there’s a good chance that it might be returned to the available loot immediately, which is fun in itself.

I like the idea. We will definitely add a trash option from your bag as soon as possible.

It terms of the finding peoples dropped trash?

@drakkhis, I believe this is doable? If someone were to say click their inventory bag and drop say, 20 fish they no longer want, the database could list those 20 fish and even list the location it was dropped from.

When someone goes close enough to that location within a particular range, its be like they see a virtual pile of items. The HUD could prompt them and tell them whats there and if they want to take anything from that pile.

We could set an expiration timer on the database so that it remains clean and purged over time. A few days, a week or whatever?

@drakkhis this leads to something else you mentioned briefly. Hardcore mode option and a player dropping everything in their personal inventory on death.

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This idea has been added to project’s release timeline and will be worked in eventually.

Thanks for the idea!

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