How to work without instructions (players without english)

Good Sunday morning to all. We have or will have a big problem in the long run. Players who do not understand english or only understand broken are dependent on translators. now you make wonderful descriptions with video, but which can not be translated. the docs on the main page are not very useful because there is only outlined what e.g. a station does or can. my wife wants to play e.g. the herbalist, now I got her yesterday the alchemy station. she has watched the video but since she can absolutely no english she has of course understood nothing. i have watched the video now 3x, can some english but honestly i have also not really understood what to do. especially with such complex stations like alchemy must be a proper for all understandable instructions. thankfully this was the word to the sunday :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I also do not know other languages. So for me to make instruction videos in German would be the same as you using a translator.

In the long run we may need to get volunteers to translate into other languages for us but in the short term unfortunately we are limited to what we have. There’s only 2 of us making this system.

Probably the best I have about alchemy written is here:

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this was not a reproach but an info for the future. i know that you are only two and you both do great work and that in a rapid tempo. thank you and further on a good understanding with the community…

ps: I think many here are already a bit older and overlook one or the other, so please do not be angry if we ask 2x :slight_smile:

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As an English speaker I take for granted most things are made in English. I’ve ran into this myself where a lot of G&S things are made in Spanish.

I can say there is a very sizeable percentage of Spanish and Korean speaking residents who participate in these types of systems around SL.

This is a great point as there may be a barrier to entry for some.

Although to Temujin’s point if they only speak English its not possible to create these things in other languages without considerable outside help.

There is an Auto translaate Closed Caption feature in Youtube to create and translate Sub titles for any video on youtube… Here is a video explaining how it works

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