[HELP] Region Server Issue

We keep getting this:
[19:52] [SLC] HUD v0.16.1: Unable to Rez in this Region.
[19:52] [SLC] HUD v0.16.1 There is no Tool Server in this Region.

Even using the land group does not allow us to rez any tools or campfires at Crimson.

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Interesting. Have you tried re rezzing the server?

yes I tried that 2 different times.

and we have tried getting new hud and meter as well.

Ok thanks. Do you get this only on your region or is this occuring anywhere you go with a server?

when the server is picked up and sat back out all it says in chat is “”[SLC] Region Server: {“result”:“OK”}""

havent tried going any place yet let me run to the store and see.

Trying to determine if its possibly SL issues or web server / database having a spaz.

Ok it let me use a tool at the main store and at cyssan so it must be our land but I have no idea what could have changed?

ok well to use the campfire we have to have the land group tag active. and our market has no buy button.

LOL, I done broke it … so even with the land group tag active we cant use or get tool.we also checked and we are using the v16.1 hud

I was wondering if there was a HUD or Meter update or something, but apparently not. Weird that it’s so local.

The SLC Experience is still active on land and region etc?

The SLC Experience is still active.

When you say market has no buy option, you mean the menu in-game or on website?

Is your market still listed at https://meter.slcolonies.com/markets?

Check your region server on the homepages too, still there or something happen to it?

Apparently that problem was Rahbit’s. Dorian and Vudon can both buy from our market just fine. It is still listed on the web, and buttons/links are active there.

At Regalis it is the same, we cant acces tools same error as Lillith has, and we can’t sit on a campfire.

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Hopefully sorted soon. Just waiting on @drakkhis for this fix.

Some regions also unlisted from meter website with this issue.

Can you guys try re rezzing servers now?

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