Edited original title and question not to give spoilers

Edited original title and question not to give spoilers. Apologies for the fact I wasn’t thinking I may of given recipe info.

Congratulations on finally discovering the closely guarded secret of vinegar!

Yes, its always given 80 vinegar. Just think of it as 80 mL lol.

Alcohol doesn’t have much use currently so vinegar is about the only thing that has utility from the brewing profession.


Wow ok thanks. After thinking now I guess it sounds right for all the items and time it takes to make.

Tha’s what I would be doing. Considering the cost of input time and tools to get 1 grape out of a vineyard.

I consider 1 grape to be 1 basket of grapes. Because each harvest uses 1 basket durability. So the output of 80 vinegar I’d consider as ml.

It will soon though, it will soon. Have some great ideas for the ability to make custom recipes in that line of product which regular cooking station cannot do.


We use the wine for health for hunters to have a help standing back up if they die in a fight, but are so excited to see wine and whisky used in cooking and potions.


Yes, I can’t wait!

I didn’t realize it had health giving properties

1 mug full (5 drinks) is 25 health points so our hunters keep a full mug on them so if they die they can have enough life to get back to the medical tent. :grinning:

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This is actually an issue that I’ve come up against. For growing vs. cooking purposes, a grape is a basket of grapes, but if you use it in a food, you get one serving of food for a whole basket of grapes. If you think about it, it doesn’t make sense at all to use a whole basket of wheat for one bread roll, but that’s what it costs. Or a whole basket of potatoes to do one serving of a side dish.

And I’ve forgotten how to move a topic when it deviates from the main thread.

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Yeah, so depending what the ingredient is used in, the “imaginary” quantity is different.

Not too much we can do about that now though…? I don’t think?

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The only way I see around it is to:
a) increase the yield in farm fields so that you actually get a large quantity when you harvest or

b) increase the yield of recipes to more closely match the ingredients used.

I think b is the better approach from the player side. So, instead of one flour (which we assume is what, 5 pounds or so?) giving one piece of bread, you get, say, a dozen rolls from your bag of flour. Still not realistic but more realistic than getting 1 roll from a bag of flour. Not only would this be more realistic for gameplay, but it would also decrease the costs of food products, making it more feasible to sell food creations both in pubs and in markets.

The more feasible approach from a global database update perspective might be to increase the farm yield so that one-for-one in recipes is not so expensive. I might be wrong in this because I don’t see the backend of the system, but it seems to me that there are WAY fewer entries in the farm products table than there are in the cooking products table. On the other hand, increasing field yield also means adjusting the mill, the cows (milk would have to adjust, but the meat would not, maybe), and the chickens.

It seems like a big overhaul either way, but worth considering IMO.

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