3 More Days Until the Marketplace HUB & Merchant Mini-Game Launch!

Greetings, SL Colonies Community!

Marketplace Thumbnail

We are thrilled to announce that the countdown has started - only 3 days remain until the launch of the Marketplace HUB and the Merchant Mini-Game Update! Our valued Patrons have enjoyed early access to this innovative feature, and we can’t wait to share it with our entire community.

In response to your insightful feedback, we’ve also been hard at work testing a new delivery method for our HUD-based and Unity-based mini-games and systems. This innovative approach is designed to alleviate the challenges experienced with Unity and Media HUDs at stations such as the Cooking Station, Alchemy Station, and the forthcoming Marketplace system.

To help you prepare for the new update, we’ve scheduled a live premiere of a detailed tutorial on YouTube. Make sure to follow this link: [SLC] Essentials - Marketplace HUB - YouTube. Click on the notification bell to be reminded when the video goes live in 3 days.

Thank you for your ongoing support and constructive feedback. We’re incredibly excited for you to experience these game-enhancing features in a few short days.

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Daftnquestion but how do we access pateon market now? As its not on the web site any more

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You can access it through the new market link. For now, since not everyone has the update, you won’t see it on the market page, but if you don’t have the newest market update, you can go to this link manually: Log in | SL Colonies Meter

Once everyone’s markets are updated, you can access it via those. But that URL will always work.

Hey mate, that link only come upnwith active markets not pateon market

On that page though, you will see Market, Player Inventory, CXP Store and Platinum Store in a larger yellow table.

Ill take a screenshot when I get to the PC if you need. I showcase that change also here: SL Colonies: The Marketplace HUB Unveiling & Merchant Mini-Game Bonanza - YouTube at 12:44 :slight_smile:

Amazing news! I’ve clicked the link and I’m waiting for the premier. Funny enough I changed my race from a Colonist to a Merchant for this

Im sure you meant profession and not race, but I got it!

LOL! Yes I mean my profession. Im actually still looking at the races and reviewing the new ones released. Im not sure there is a ‘BEST RACE’ so that makes this choice harder. However, Im comparing stats

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Congrats Devs! My market has 2 LI :star_struck:

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training… lol


Playing the original. It’s quite fun.

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