ZAGAN VETIS: A Demon Farmer Warrior UPDATED Feb 3

***UPDATED Feb 3 2023: Added the Bona Salto Western Trail Obstacle Course : Intermediate level. Its still needs tweaking and the Western HUD by Mythril is a must. Course is NOT suited for larger horse breeds like the Clydesdale and Belgian. Also recently added the Bona Salto Aerial Course.


I am Zagan Vetis, King of the Zargod Colony. I am a demon and have been a demon in SL for over 16 years. And yes the rumors are true: I do sacrifice humans to the Goddess of Agriculture to ensure abundant crop yields.

My colony offers a small crafting area (see sim map) But as a result of virtually no one utilizing my public SL Colony farm, I have moved those assets to my private area and installed an Velde’s Archery Range in the area.

My colony also has an Equestrian Park (see sim map) for you to enjoy and the Wildlands where there are beasts to hunt and resources to collect.

For those without a horse, there is a Teegle Horse Rezzer available at the park’s landing zone which will provide you with a temp horse to explore the trails and compete in future Equestrian competitions. I have been stock piling recourses to offer up as prizes.

I eagerly await Combat / PVP tournament and leader boards which I would have rather seen than a bed maker which was recently released.

Feel free to explore my sim at any time: The sim’s amenities are at your disposal.

Updated Feb 3 2023. Removed the Tarot Tower, The Throne Room, The Stream, all the forested trails, moved the Fishing into the Wildlands, and added an Aerial Course Platform for a Aerial Hoop Course and added a Western Trail Obstacle Course.

Newly Added Bona Salto Western Trail Obstacle Course

Aerial Hoop Course

New Archery Field that includes Unity Maxim Archery System, Velde’s Archery Range, and the Dynamic Archery Personal Practice Target System.

Added a Unity Maxim Jousting List with Tournament Board

New Combat Arena (Compatible with Unity Maxim)


Royal Portrait" King Vetis

King Vetis on his Clydesdale War Horse

Flayed and sacrificed a human to the ancient Aztec Goddess of agriculture, Chicomecōātl.

Colony Landing Zone

Crafting Pyramid

Entrance to the Wildlands (Enter with Caution)

Equestrian Park Landing Zone with Horse Rezzer

Accept the experience and enter the Colony Portal

Or click on the Zargod Market link to enter the colony.

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Omg there is a human sacrifice lol. Epic.

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Very nice.

Combat will be skill-based, but it will still account for your player stats and the likes.

I will be setting up tournaments where sims with arenas will be featured on a stream.

We will use a tournament board to register fighters from different colonies, and we will have sponsors for the fights and betting available during the stream for loyalty points (and not breaching LL TOS).

Every fight between 2 players will be one stream episode, with the winner working up the tournament board. And they will all be streamed at different timezones to account for both players that are meeting in combat and, of course, me, who will be recording the fight.

The tournament winner will win an SLC prize, perhaps even some L$ and more.

So @Satanic.Visions - with your sim that seems to have a lot of game areas and things of a challenge, I’d love to see you do the same thing with different competitions between colonies. I’m sure we, as a system, can sponsor your games and work something out.

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Make the boards and I will install a combat arena :slight_smile:

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There are plenty of tournament boards and registration boards for combat that aren’t made for a particular meter. I’d probably be just using one of those to allow players to register and then setup a 8/16/32 man tournament with that.

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I created an Archery Field and Combat Arena which are compatible with the Unity Maxim RP system.

SIM UPDATE Feb 1 2023

Added a Unity Maxim Jousting List with Tournament Board

Added an Archery Field with three different Archery Systems.

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