[WTB] Basic Tools Needed!

New players are joining the system and the most of basic tools and requirements are not available in anyone’s markets. These are easy to sell items to new players and without these tools, you cannot start the game very easily.

Let’s see more tools on the market:

  • Billhooks
  • Clay Jars
  • Water (there’s no water on market?)

These are the 3 major ones to start the game as a colonist. You cannot make baskets from reed without the billhook and cannot grab clay without a small basket. You also cannot make the clay jar to gather water without the water itself :smiley:

Keep in mind, new players only start with 50 copper when it comes to pricing these tools.

With these basic tools you have a good head start and can make some more coin in markets to get the other tools.

Would be ideal to see all tools in the system.


Also tools for farmers who buy fields but don’t yet have any tools needed to work them such as plough, hoe, seed bag/large bag and so forth!

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This is where the bundle idea would be useful! Selling 1 water for 1 coin seems almost criminal, so it would be kinder to do maybe 5 water for 1 coin. On the other hand, having it cost a copper discourages folks from buying water instead of buying or making a jar and finding a well, so maybe that isn’t so bad.

Crimson had, at last check, at least a few of some of the basics. Jars were just listed, as were harvest bags. We will be refilling billhooks, hoes, baskets, seed bags, and pickaxes today, and will try to keep all of these items available as much as we’re able. @Mai we do have a couple of ploughs and I think 1 sickle left; those will also be among the regular items once we get our time and energy balanced.

We have a separate vendor in our market square that buys reeds, so that’s a way for new folks to make some coin–yes, you can sell us our own reeds; no, we don’t care because it saves us time harvesting them! We also have a single vendor for clay, and one for fish. The fish one is likely to be going away soon, however, so people should take advantage of it while it’s there.

For new players to SLC , come by Crimson Hollow, as Lillith stated we have plenty of reeds and clay to gather freely, and several fishing spots and water sources. We have vendors set up to buy the clay the, reeds and fish so new players can earn some coins. We have all the crafting stations available for use and we will gladly help new players with crafting. We even do have a “welcome” to SLC basic starter package we have been giving out to the new players who have dropped by the sim. If you are a new player, come by the Crimson Hollow; usually in the evenings ( usually 7pm to 11pm Eastern Standard Time) and look for Lillith, Dorian, Vudon or Fingal; we can get you a basic starter package to help you begin your journey in SLC. The package includes 1 clay jar, 50 water, 10 cooked fish, 1 small basket, 1 bill hook, 2 simple fishing sticks. This gives you the basics to gather reeds and make baskets, and make jars , to gather water, and clay, and fruits and berries and something to fish with, as well as some food and water. We encourage new players to come by and get the kit and to make use of the gatherable resources here to get you started.

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I saw ploughs hoes, seed bags and small baskets etc on market. Plenty of those available :slight_smile:

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Yeah the packages/contracts. I can’t wait till that feature is done with the whole market rebuild.

I mean, we could do a starter pack for new players as the main store but that takes away from the othet players that can make those things from others.

We could also offer tools with product purchases. But you generally don’t buy 1 ore vein or 1 field. So you would end up with 10 pickaxes and 10 ploughs and so forth and take away from the player run economy.

This is why we took all slc market listings off. So the economy can finally be fully player run and crafted.

If SLC Coin starts to get low in circulation, the store will probably purchase coin bags and plates ready for minting to get coins back out into the economy.

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