Wish List for Farming

For the Vegetable Fields, I’d like to see cucumbers, onions (like yellow or sweet, rather than just green), bell peppers, and green beans. Drakkhis also mentioned zucchini.

In fruit trees, I’d like to see (aside from new meshes), olive, cherry, almond, walnut, and coffee. Ooh! And peaches!

There needs to be some sort of oil other than butter, so that was why I mentioned olives. If we could run corn through the winepress, that would work too.

That should keep you busy for a little while. :smiley:

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Thinking further about this further, I am not sure some of those trees fit with the regular fruit trees. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have them; they just may need to be handled differently.

Coffee, especially, is processed differently from most fruits, and the coffee cherries have very little actual flesh. It might be ground on the flour mill, but probably not on the winepress.

Nuts would also be different from fruit, and different from coffee because you could use the nuts on the mill to make nut flour, but you could also eat them raw.

Olives are different as well because you can eat them straight off the tree but they’re nasty (and may make you sick) that way so they need to be processed to be edible, and a different process for recovering the oil from them.

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Thanks @Lillith, always appreciate new ideas,

Agree with coffee. We would probably add a type of hand grinder to add to your kitchen. We could use the flour mill, which could even require a roasting process beforehand. This would be the same if we added things like cocoa to make chocolates.

These are all good ideas, thanks for those. I will add them to our list of things we would like to see in the system. Though they are being tagged back to the end of our product releases.

Our list is quite large already :smiley: which is fun!


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We have added all these suggestions to the project timeline.

Please note though that enhancements will be lower on the priority list as we focus on major product fixes and releases to get us out of Beta and into v1.0.

Once we hit this milestone, we’ll be focusing on all of these enhancements.

This isn’t to say these ideas won’t come out before the end of Beta. We may zig-zag in between and keep new enhancements rolling out as new products roll out :slight_smile:

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