[WINNERS] - Food & Drink Creators

We have 4 new winners out of the community of those who have created what we felt were good combinations of ingredients and well titled foods.

What does it mean to be a winner?

Your item becomes a rezzable item. Meaning, that you can click on your hud to rez your food item, and get a physical prim that you can put out onto tables.

It also means, people can left-click and hold to add potions to rezzed out foods and drinks to add special effects, be them good or bad.

Your items are displayed in the main store at the chef’s table:

These items are not available for purchase by other players unless you make the effort to create your invention and sell your creation to the vendors, making them available to the community to try out!

The reward for selling to the vendors? There is 2 gold worth of coins available to you as the unique seller of this item until others figure out the recipes!

You also receive a L$500 gift voucher to spend in-store.

And The Winners Are!


Spicey Lemon Lobster, by demzieuk.


Ribeye Steak Meal, by - jamesanthoney

BlueBerryShake, by enzorobotic

Adrenaline Rush, by malienna


A quick note if your name isn’t on here yet. There’s thousands of new recipes being created each month, so it is extremely hard to pick winners. I simply go down the list, look at item names that make sense, and then check the ingredients to see if they are realistic.

It is only after that has been checked randomly, that we get to find out who the creator of a recipe was.

Thank you everyone for having fun with the system and making new recipes!


Oh my goodness thank you so much for choosing me as one of the winners I did not expect this at all! I’m so honored and grateful!

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No problems @Mai - Yours was actually one of the more complex recipes out of the four, requiring multiple levels of ingredients that you have also designed. You’ve built this particular recipe on a ‘stack’ of other recipes which you’ve also created.