Why does my inventory still insist I am carrying things I have used or discarded?

For some reason my inventory is still insisting I am carrying 25 items while 11 of them have a quantity of 0? This means I am carrying 14 items and 11 ghost items…

Hello @Sarrow - Which character am I looking into? Do you have its UUID handy, I will take a deeper look.

I was on LadyBug, I do not have the UUID handy as I am not logged in ATM. I have noticed the same discrepancy on my other accounts today…

What’s her proper username sorry, I think that’s a display name and I cannot find any username with ladybug :frowning:

LadyPsappho.Breen the one linked to my patreon

I’ve removed the items listed as 0 in the inventory.

Little bug we need to fix there :beetle:

I will assign the topic to @drakkhis to work out a solution for future issues with inventory.

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Added an inventory check to the System that runs after every purchase and whenever the Meter Updates, This will solve the issue.

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