Why are the wolves no transfer

I am wondering why the wolves I own are no transfer yet the deer that I owned were? I would like to sell those wolves like I sold my deer. Thanks :slight_smile:

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I must have made the wolf inside the rezzer no transfer.

How many have you got?

Could you please box them up and send them to me (attila.katana) in-world? I will update the wolf rezzer and send you new transferrable copies.

Hi Temujin, I have 4 of them and I can’t send them to you, they are NO Transfer - :slight_smile:

what version are those wolves by chance?

Are they [SLC] Wolf v0.11.3?

I just checked and the wolf rezzer, plus everything inside is transfer. Wondering if you have an older version?

Yes they are v0.11.3

Ok, found the issue and sent you 4 new ones that are transfer.

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Got them.

Thank You :slight_smile:

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