Welcome To SL Colonies - Tips and Tricks

I would just to post a little welcome note to new people in SL Colonies. I have spent many hours playing the Beta RP and have learnt a few tricks and tips here and there. First, please remember it is still Beta which means it is still developing. There are kinks and wrinkles to work out but with feedback we can all assist in finding bugs and fixing them.

Professions / Classes can be changed at any time at the Main Store on the 2nd level. Feel free to try them all, there isn’t one profession that is better than the other. It almost comes down to what you would like to focus on.

The first thing you seriously need to do is watch the videos that Temujin has provided for us. They are on YouTube, just search SL Colonies. Click the Videos Tab to see all available videos. Take the time to watch them, very useful information. Yes they take a little time to watch but they are well worth the investment of time.

You do not have to invest a ton of money to get started in SLC. When someone purchases a Region Server for their property, it gets listed on the SL Colonies Meter website. Just click the top left button on your hud then View then go to page. Login then click the Tab “Markets”. Anyone with a Region Server can opt out of having their listing shown to the public. So the ones listed are free for you to visit. There probably will be a Market where items can be bought and sold and you can fill buy orders. Lets say someone needs 100 water, they will post a fill order and offer a price they are willing to pay. But it also means they are opening up their site for anyone to use. I will use Cyssan as an example as I am very familiar with that location. There is everything there. Every crafting station and over 100 mines down in the caves, clay, trees, reeds, fishing pools, research tables, 2 water wells, weapon crafting tables, everything you need and totally free to use. Items such as mines will replenish over a period of time. Reeds and clay as an example come back quite quickly. Use them for free. Also available, there is a board you can click on which will give you all Level 0 recipes, write them down for future use. Some people will have their own property where they choose to have their items for their own personal use and choose not to list their location.

Always keep an eye on your Stats. Click your picture on the HUD then click Show Stats. If your hunger or thirst is high, you must eat and drink using the HUD. If your fatigue is high, reduce it by rezzing a campfire and chilling there until you recharge. If you need food quickly, get a fishing rod and go catch some fish, then use the campfire to cook them. Need water? Get a clay jar and use a water well.

CXP is experience points. They are used to level up, increase your stats, or they are used to purchase certain items at the CXP vendor located at the Main Store on the 2nd level. There you can get cows, sheep, chickens, seeds of all kinds and catalysts used for cooking. One of the most exciting new items in SLC is the cooking station. Go to a cooking station, click it then click CRAFT. Load the new HUD then it will display what is in your inventory for cooking. Drag a few items to the top of the HUD and it will show you what benefits you will receive from making this product. Add a few fish, some water, some catalysts such as salt or ice, and when ready, click CHECK. If that recipe has never before been crafted you get to name it and make it your own. There are only around 35 million combinations (no idea how many) so have fun mixing and crafting.

Need some quick CXP? Go collect some reeds then go make some baskets or seed bags.

Need some quick coins? Go mining then sell or trade the ores such as gold or silver or iron to other members or go to a market either at the Main Store or other inworld markets and Fill a Buy order.

Want to just chill? Rez a campfire and go fishing. Very peaceful and lots of good catches.

Need a question answered? Ask here in general chat or use the group chat. Just remember it is still Beta so be patient for a response.

Have a suggestion or found a bug? In discord there are channels for that.

Well enjoy!!! I have been. There are many many many more new items to come and new things to try and do so stay tuned.