Weight on inventory

idk if someone else agree but.
I already have 1 NPC seller, 2 chests full and I start doing anything I keep getting
[SLC] Meter v0.17.0: You are carrying too many Items and it is making you tired, you need to store some items.
Maybe… increase it a little more?

you can increase your max carry weight by upgrading strength.

Tbh, how is the weight calculated for this? Like if my whole inventory only has water, and that water i have like 100k of it will i get tired already or does it take like 20-50 kinds of different items no matter the amount before i get tired?

It’s by type of items.

We don’t use an item weight scale.

it could be more by default. Its kind of tough level up to increase stats if you arent a farmer =p

can also buy more storage chests.

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But the price for storages… i think levelling up would be what people would rather do instead.

that is their choice, they can also rearrange their stats… so there’s 3 options. Also, there’s talk of craftable storage for the future.

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I am ranger. I dont level up as a farmer. xD XP is something hard.

I’m a ranger as well, Level 5.

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