Vinegar Barrel (*)

A request for Vinegar Barrel () appears on the website, so I was waiting for this specific recipe, in the role of BREWER. I just paid 8000 CXP to level up and get this recipe, as apparently it was the only one I needed. I received food recipe. This is disheartening.
Am I supposed to guess that Vinegar Barrel (
) is a system error?

Don’t feel too bad. I just used 20,000 CXP on a level and I don’t get any Farmer Recipes :slight_smile:

I never added Vinegar Barrel(*) to a list of recipes. I usually add recipes we’ve created here:

Using the request system on the database may seem like a good idea, but there are many test items and unused recipes we add from time to time as we develop the game, and these will show up on the marketplace request pages.

We decided not to make a barrel of vinegar because the barrel system is to obtain a drink in a mug. Therefore, it would make no sense to get vinegar into a drinking vessel, so we made it so you receive all the vinegar as a usable ingredient on completion.

I’ve noticed people also relying on the request system to determine the ‘costs’ of items. A note here that the base cost of items on the database is not an accurate figure or calculated correctly. It is up to players to price their items by calculating the costs of all the raw ingredients they input into their final goods.

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